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How can my hair colour make me look younger?

Getting your hair colour wrong can make you seem years older, says hair expert Maria Dowling. Here’s her advice for finding your perfect shade

6 Oct 2015 | 03:26 pm
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Get your hair colour wrong and it can make you look washed-out and tired; get it right and it will make your best features stand out and take years off you. First, determine your skin tone by looking at the veins on your inner wrist.

If there’s a greenish tinge, you have warmer tones, and if they’re blue, you have cool tones. Also look at what jewellery suits you.

Warm tones look best against gold jewellery, cool tones look good with silver and deep skin tones can wear both gold and silver. Warmer-toned skin will look good with chocolate browns, and can carry some fairness with caramel baby lights – the new ‘bronde’ would be great.

Deep skin tones can carry off dark browns and black, and look great with plum tones in their hair. The lighter your skin, the paler your hair can go; cool tones should opt for blue-based colours like platinum and champagne blonde.