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Q&A with Joelle Mardinian

Make-up artist and beauty expert Joelle Mardinian talks about hair and beauty care

By Belle Yates
7 Oct 2015 | 12:19 pm
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What is your definition of “Real Beauty”?

Beauty is the beauty of inside which reflects outside.

What are the biggest differences in make-up styles between Europe and the Middle East?

In Europe they are very practical, women are looking after their natural look and looking after their skins more than the women in ME, where here women they use mostly the make up to hide problems in their skin, and that’s where I decide to come up with my SkinCare line for 5 easy steps to take care of your skin.

Which of your products are you most proud of?

I’m proud of all Joelle Paris Line for Hair and SkinCare, it took us more than 3 years just to study and find the best formula that will help women in the region to have a healthy hair and skin.

How did you create your haircare range? Did you do a lot of testing? How long did it take?

As mentioned in my previous answers, I had so much study before coming up with my first range of hair and skin care, we developed products to nourish the dry hair, and to stop hair losing, Keratine and the spray blow shine is the hero product among this range, as it gives hair shine and make it healthy before blow dry, besides it smells so good, same for skin care, I came with the 5 easy steps to prevent any damage for the skin, starting morning till evening.

What’s the worst thing we do to our skin?

We sleep with our makeup without cleaning the skin, also not using sunblock every morning before going outdoor.

What’s the worst thing we can do to our hair?

We keep changing colour in our hair and we don’t do monthly treatment to keep the hair healthy and shiny, I never stop treatment and that’s how I can always change colour and yet keep my hair healthy.

What’s your top beauty secret?

To take care of our skin and keep it beautiful and healthy, to have your own style no matter what is the world trend, always keep your style and trend.

What other products/ranges would you be keen to create and launch?

We just launched SunProtect range from Joelle Paris to keep your hair protected from sun burn, and we are working to launch new products for skin care which I will share with you soon.

What made you want to open Clinica Joelle and what did you hope to achieve by it?

Having my reality show “Joelle” On MBC 1, to do transformations for many ladies, inspired me to have my own clinic, specially I had many requests from my fans asking me to open my own clinic to have my own doctors as we build this trust more than 11 years, I’ve been very transparent and real for my audience on TV, now we had recently opened in Abu Dhabi as well and hope will have more branches in the region.

On your weekends off, what could we find you and your family getting up to?

It’s most important for me to have weekend with family, I like to spend quality time with my family faraway from people and be in a boat in the middle of the sunny beach in Dubai.

Which other beauty world personalities do you think are doing good work?

I love Victoria Beckam and Pat McGrath.

What differences/changes would you like to see occurring in the beauty industry?

I would like to see more ladies are taking care of themselves starting at young age and looking after their inner and outer beauty.

By Belle Yates

By Belle Yates