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The cutest kit and tiniest togs for little ones

Fire up your and your little one’s imagination with the cutest clothes for kiddies whether at the park, pool or for bedtime

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes
2 Feb 2015 | 04:54 pm
  • Dominic, Mysha, Aarnav and Ella.

    Source:Nicky Mclean

Busy bees

Dominic: Shirt, Dh119, Okaïdi & Obaïbi; Jeans, Dh89, H&M.

Mysha: Dress, Dh130, Marks and Spencer; Shoes, Dh95, Gap; Headband, Dh26, H&M.

Aarnav: Top, Dh99, H&M; Trousers, Dh119, Okaïdi & Obaïbi.

Ella: Cardigan, Dh270, Petit Bateau; Vest, Dh55, Gap; Tutu, Dh99, Marks and Spencer; Tights, Dh70, Marks and Spencer; Shoes, Dh140, Marks and Spencer.


Space age

Aarnav: Sleep suit, Dh105, Marks and Spencer; Boots, Dh159, H&M.

Jayden: Vest (set of three), Dh110, Marks and Spencer; Trousers, Dh49, Blade & Rose at Babyshop; Boots, Dh175, Petit Bateau.

Rose: Dress, Dh79, H&M; Shoes, Dh85, Okaïdi & Obaïbi.

Luca: Vest (set of three), Dh115, Marks and Spencer; Trousers, Dh179, H&M; Socks (set of three), Dh40, Marks and Spencer.


Water babies

Zachery: Top, Dh32, Babyshop; Trousers, Dh49, Blade & Rose at Babyshop.

Emily: Top, Dh125, Gap; Trousers, Dh49, Blade & Rose at Babyshop.

Jayden: Top, Dh45, Okaïdi & Obaïbi; Trousers, Dh115, Okaïdi & Obaïbi.

Rose: Swimming costume, Dh199, Petit Bateau; Hat, Dh129, Petit Bateau.

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes

Fashion and Beauty Director