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Getting to grips with car insurance

Finance expert Sonja Stephen shares her advice

Sonja Stephen
13 Apr 2016 | 12:30 pm
  • 30 percent of drivers don’t know what level of cover they’re buying when they sign up

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We have pink jobs and blue jobs in our house. They’ve never been spoken about. It’s just like some kind of unwritten rule that all pink jobs are my responsibility, while blue ones are my partners’. My (sometimes not so pretty pink) tasks include things like making sure all of the toiletries and milk are magically replaced as soon as they run out, ‘doing’ the cat litter, ensuring suitcases get packed for holidays (and unpacked again), knowing where everything is without even looking and that friends and family get cards and gifts when it’s their birthday. Blue jobs include all of the stuff I am more than happy to shy away from, like taking the rubbish out, firing up and cooking on the barbecue, blitzing ants and bugs, fixing the internet if it starts acting up, researching and booking hotels, managing DEWA and basically anything and everything car related. I’m not alone with that last one either, as any mention of renewing car insurance to my girlfriends gets the standard response of “Oh I get Steve/Nick/Alex (delete as appropriate) to sort that!”

While most of us can’t imagine life in Dubai without a car, dealing with all the compulsory stuff that comes with it - you are required by law to have car insurance in the UAE - seems to give us the horrors. I was single for a few years and, among the many positives I have taken from that, is the fact I was forced to manage all car admin on my own. As a result, I am now fully clued up about the different types of car insurance available, what each covers me for and whether or not I need to care about things like agency repair, replacement vehicles and other add-ons.

Not all of us are so clued up though. A recent survey carried out by the team found that 30 percent of drivers don’t know what level of cover they’re buying when they sign up for a car insurance policy. That’s a pretty alarming statistic, as should the worst happen and you’re involved in an accident or incident, it’s vital to know what your insurance covers you for.

The same survey revealed that 34 percent of UAE residents believe they can claim on their car insurance for any damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of general usage, like a faulty exhaust or worn brakes. In reality, more often than not, car insurance policies don’t cover the replacement of auto parts that deteriorate with time and use.


On the flip side of me knowing a bit about car insurance, like all of us, I also have a busy life so although I may have known what level of cover I’ve wanted and needed, I have been guilty more than once of knowingly paying more than I should be for my car insurance renewal. That’s because I’ve just plumped for the easiest option, rather than spending time calling around different insurance providers to get quotes. Who has the time or energy for that?

I knew the lazy option was costing more, but bit the bullet anyway. Our poll, however, discovered that nearly two thirds of consumers believe that they would actually save money on their car insurance if they stayed with the same insurer. A belief that simply isn’t true.

In the same way you wouldn’t buy the first car you saw, or rent the first apartment, shopping around for a car insurance policy really should be a prerequisite for all car owners to ensure they get the best deal.

The launch of’s new car insurance comparison tool not only aims to eliminate the confusion and uncertainty around buying car insurance, but also save you up to 30 percent in the process. A quick search on will have a breakdown of the cheapest polices in under three minutes. Once you’ve seen the easy to read and understandable breakdown of what each option covers you for, you can select the one that suits your needs the most and buy it there and then with just the click of a button.

Getting the best car insurance for you at the best price with no hassle, means one thing… a task has definitely been removed from the blue job list and added to the pink one.

Sonja Stephen

Sonja Stephen