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How can I ease my post-party slump?

Aquarius’s go-to health expert Keith Littlewood gives us his tips for managing that morning-after feeling this festive season

1 Dec 2014 | 05:53 pm
  • How to ease post-party slump?


You know it’s coming; it’s unavoidable for many. But suffering throughout the festive season may not be necessary.

For those who don’t enjoy the excess of festivities, you can simply step back and take a more balanced approach.

However, if for you celebrating means endless feasting and digging into quite a few plates (or glasses), it shouldn’t be a guilt-ridden event. So if you plan on throwing yourself in at the deep end of the party season this year, here are a few tips to offset the hurt.

Alcohol is well known for causing negative effects to the digestive system and it is likely that it can increase bowel endotoxin – a compound that causes damage to the intestinal lining.

So here are a couple of pointers to avoid damage:

Eat while you drink. It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach, and eating some fat and protein with your drinks will help to manage blood sugar levels – it may even help ease that catastrophic feeling the next day.

Avoid yeast. Drinks that contain yeast may pose more problems for the digestive system than other forms.

Next-day action plan

Tongue stuck to side of face? Feel like you’re wallowing in a pit of drudgery? Yep, it’s not a nice feeling. But eating food containing fats, protein and carbohydrates can help to lessen the hurt.

Salty foods are particularly useful, but must be taken with fluids. When the body is in a stressed state, adrenaline is produced and extra sodium is used. Stocking up on sodium will, in turn, boost magnesium, which both aids in the detox of the stress hormone cortisol and helps you to feel good. Hydration and electrolytes combined with anti-stress nutrients will help your period of excess pass a little easier.

While you could go and sweat it out on the beach, if you want to feel better quicker, follow the advice below.

Three ways to revive yourself

1 Feed the pain
A cooked breakfast is a great way of balancing blood-sugar levels and supporting hormones and liver function to aid your body’s detoxification. Throw in a glass of fresh orange juice for a blast of vitamin C and some carbohydrates.

2 Carrot and coconut 
A grated raw carrot with a little coconut oil and salt sprinkled over it can be helpful for lowering bowel bacteria levels, which increase due to over-indulgence.

3 Salty foods
Your body will be craving sodium to help de-stress. Treat it to some salted fries (cooked in coconut oil) and a bottle of water.

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By Keith Littlewood