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Aquarius Diet Challenge Week 2: Emma Paine

Emma experience a lot of highs and lows in the second week of the challenge

Aquarius magazine
17 Sep 2012 | 09:33 am
  • Source:Ryan Navarro/ANM

How have you been feeling?
My week has been a roller coaster. I was so excited and enthusiastic, but then almost had a mental breakdown when my husband asked me to hand him the mobile phone while I was standing in the kitchen, sweaty from the gym, trying to get dinner bits out of the fridge and he was too 'comfortable' on the sofa to move. So, as you can see, I now have anger...

How has your exercise been going this week?
I was fine during the week and I went to the gym almost every day (four days out of five) and followed everything my PT told me to do. I felt good. At the weekend, though, I failed miserably. It brought me down from my Mr Motivator ego trip to return to being the body-abusing self-indulgent slob I want to escape from.

How has your nutrition plan been going this week?
It’s been a backwards spiral all the way. Mid-week I was fab. On the weekend, I failed. I ate a Milky Bar when I went to the shops on Thursday – never go shopping when you’re hungry! I managed to avoid nibbles at a friend’s house on Friday but then had some cake. The following morning I felt so guilty as I’d put on 1kg that I went out and got myself a Starbucks latte and a carrot cake. Then I sent a confessional email to my nutritionist. I need to sort my attitude out and get on top of it.

Aquarius magazine

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