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Aquarius Diet Challenge Week 2: Sukaina Merchant

In the second week,Sukaina has settled into the routine of the Challenge

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17 Sep 2012 | 09:21 am
  • Source:Ryan Navarro/ANM

How have you been feeling this week?
This week is definitely a step up from the last one. The excitement and craziness has settled down and now I'm completely into the programme. I'm learning to listen to my body – I'm simply more aware. There have been times when I felt like I'm going to pass out, times when I was so hungry that I was literally raising my voice with anger, times when I’ve been ashamed of my fitness and times when I've cried thinking, “Why did I have to be this way, so that I have to go through something as drastic as this?” BUT I've started and I am never going to stop. Things are going to change for good.

How has your exercise been going this week?
Wonderful! At the end of every session I wonder if I'll be able to drive back home. That's how hard I'm pushed. Right now Ben, my trainer from Reebok LifeSpark CrossFit is concentrating on strength building and, once I'm strong and fit enough, he will push more on my cardio sessions. It's a good thing the PT sessions are three times a week. I need that one rest day in between.

How has your nutrition plan been going this week?
Just when I thought that I could barely manage the diet bit, I'm told to cut out fruit for three to four weeks! So here's where I stand – I don't eat meat, I am not allowed carbs and dairy and, of course, no sweets. Now no fruits too? I'm going to die! Actually, I do have a cheat day… and guess what I can cheat with? Fruits! Yipee! Never would've thought I would be so thrilled to eat an apple.

Aquarius magazine

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