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Five of the best diet deliveries

Whether you want to revive your energy levels, drop a dress size, or simply make mealtimes easier, here are Dubai’s best diet deliveries

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7 Sep 2015 | 12:00 am
  • They provide you with calorie-counted meals and snacks at your doorstep.


For the busy mum-to-be

Where Health Factory

The low-down Being pregnant and a working mum to an active toddler, it’s a constant struggle to find healthy food that’s quick to prepare (and clear up!). The convenience of Health Factory’s deliveries was brilliant – arriving on my doorstep first thing every morning, the Baby Love plan provided me with three calorie-counted meals and two snacks consisting of the likes of wholesome moussaka, scrummy vanilla pancakes and amazing chocolate macaroons. I spoke to a nutritionist by phone to determine my daily calorie allowance (1,800), so there was no need to take time out of work to visit her, and it was reassuring to know that I had everything I needed to nourish me and my growing baby in one compact bag. A tasty, quality meal service that offers good value for money. 

Price Dh3,250 for 24 days.

For the weight-watching foodie

Where LoveFoodME

The low-down There’s nothing I love more than cooking, so when the team asked me to put the pots and pans away for a week, I was a little worried. But I needn’t have been. I chose the Lifestyle plan from new company LoveFood, which provides a paleo-style menu of three organic meals and two snacks that are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. More about clean eating and portion control than calorie-counting, each meal was beautifully presented in its own glass container. It was eye-opening to see how such an ingredient-restricted diet can be both tasty and filling. I’m now a convert to quinoa and will be buying a Spiralizer to make the courgette spaghetti I sampled. In five days I lost 1.5kg, while getting to eat restaurant-quality food at every meal.

Price From Dh812 per week. Email or call 04 321 2663

For the serious dieter

Where Kcal

The low-down I’ll be honest; I’d asked for around 1,000 calories a day on my Kcal Success plan (for those who are seriously looking to lose weight) and my first delivery had me thinking, “That looks nice for breakfast. Where’s the rest?”. Obviously I must have been overeating, even though I’m used to dieting and had been choosing the right foods. My new portion sizes took some getting used to, but I soon realised they were enough to fill me up, yet low enough on calories for me to lose weight. Deliveries were reliable, my personal adviser was in touch constantly to see how I was doing, and, crucially, I didn’t once meet a meal I didn’t like. In fact, I met loads I positively loved, especially the breakfast muffins, and the summer spring rolls. My month on Kcal taught me invaluable new eating habits and I lost 3kg with no effort. 

Price Dh3,245 for 24 days.

For the junk food addict

Where Healthtrendz

The low-down Watching what I eat has always been a challenge given my hectic work schedule, and I had very little discipline when it came to the quality of the food I was eating. With the goal of losing weight sensibly, I headed to the Healthtrendz office at the Dubai World Trade Centre to meet Lovely, the nutritionist. She took my body composition analysis and put me on the All-Day Balanced plan of low-GI, low-salt food distributed in small, frequent portions, adding up to 1,200 calories a day. I was impressed by how tasty some of the food was – looking at my halloumi panini breakfast or date cake pudding, I was even sceptical whether I’d be able to lose weight on it. However, the proof was on the scales – I lost 3kg in four weeks, I looked and felt so much better, and I learnt useful lessons about portion sizes and the sorts of foods I should be eating.

Price From Dh3,280 for 24 days. 04 308 6338,

For the mindless eater

Where Right Bite

The low-down My energy levels were my biggest concern. Every day I’d be fine until about 4pm, when I’d crash, and by the time I arrived home I had no energy to play with my six-year-old son. I didn’t overeat, but I was a mindless eater. I signed up with Right Bite and met nutritionist Riham, who took my body composition analysis and put me on a low-carb, low-sugar plan to help sort out my energy levels. I’m usually a carb-dependent eater so it took a bit of adjustment in the first week, although the food was lovely and I got loads of variety – even a (healthy) chocolate brownie snack! Almost immediately I started feeling better emotionally and physically, and had so much more energy in the evenings – and after 24 days I’d also lost 2kg.

Price Dh3,770 for 24 days.

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<i>Aquarius</i> Team

Aquarius Team