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30-day LBD challenge

More than 200 of you signed up to the Aquarius 30-day LBD challenge, and you definitely made the most of all the free fitness sessions…

Tabitha Barda
17 Mar 2015 | 01:15 pm
  • Challenge winner Chantelle (right) got stuck into 50 different classes across the 30-day challenge.

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  • Chantelle pushed a Hummer and ran with parachutes in the bootcamps.

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  • Mum-of-two Chantelle Innes won a fab Jamie Oliver homecooker] by Philips for her amazing workduring the Aquarius LBD challenge.

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  • Participants.

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  • Participants in a class.

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  • Lifting weights.

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  • Readers having fun.

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  • There were classes in everything from pole to Pilates and boxing to bootcamps.

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  • The fitness challenge.

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We were amazed by the commitment to fitness shown by our Aquarius LBD challengers. Free for all readers and running from mid-January until February 16, there were classes in everything from pole to Pilates and boxing to bootcamps, held at venues across Dubai. We upped the stakes with a competition to post the most fitness pictures on the Aquarius LBD challenge Facebook group, and were seriously impressed by the winner, Chantelle Innes, who managed to attend 50 classes across the 30 days, even going to five classes in one day!

“I did circuits, silks classes, spinning, Boxercise, and even pushed a Hummer and ran with parachutes in the bootcamps, although my favourite class was Pilates,” says mum-of-16-year-old-twins Chantelle.

“For sure I’ll be back for more now that the challenge is over! I am addicted, as I’ve finally found a fun way to keep fit. Plus all the fitness crew are such nice people to hang with.

“It was also amazing to meet so many like-minded mums wanting to keep fit and feel good about themselves. I dropped a few kilograms, but more important to me was that I felt amazing during the 30 days. I had such energy. My body got healthier and stronger and the inches dropped off as I toned.”

If you’ve been inspired to get fit like Chantelle, like us at and watch out for fitness-related updates throughout the year.

Tabitha Barda

By Tabitha Barda

Deputy Editor