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3 things you can do to celebrate World Nutella Day

If you’re nuts for the famous chocolate spread this is the article for you…

5 Feb 2017 | 03:52 pm


If you didn’t know that February 5th is World Nutella Day, we bet you’re glad a celebration of this tasty treat exists all the same. Here are some quick ways to get into the spirit of things:

1. Visit the Nutella Bar

Located inside Eataly’s branch in Dubai Mall, the two iconic Italian brands share a common belief in high-quality foods, namely those that involve chocolate and more chocolate. Pop along to buy a ready-made snack straight from their specialized menu or to purchase a jar of your own for step two… 


2. Get creative in the kitchen

There’s so much more Nutella can be used for than just a (rather delicious) sandwich filling. There’s a whole host of clever ways to use this versatile ingredient and the internet has made them just a convenient click away. Here’s one recipe for Nutella Tiramisu to get you started: 

3. Wear your admiration with pride

And for the truly devoted among you, let the world know with this Nutella shirt from UAE-based online clothes store Although this one may just be for the diehard fans!


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