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5 headlines that changed our UAE lives in 2016

We look at the events and debuts that got the Emirates buzzing

28 Dec 2016 | 03:03 pm
  • Source:GN Archives/Alamy/Getty

1. Online shopping

We’ve been over the moon for a while that UK retailer Next delivers to the UAE and this year, British giant John Lewis joined the party. Imagine our delight when upmarket brand Boden also signed up to swing our parcels straight over this way?!

2. Deliveroo

Eating out is one of our favourite things here at AQ Towers. On the odd occasion, though, we simply can’t be bothered getting out of our pyjamas (or out of our offices) and on such occasions, we are forever thankful for Deliveroo. Choose dinner, place order, await friendly, helpful delivery guy? Yes, please!

3. Fetchr

While we’re on the lazy train (sorry, the ‘overworked and time poor’ train), let’s also be thankful for Fetchr. Whatever it is we need picked up or delivered, a simple phone call and a few dirhams and the driver is on his way. Yay!

4. Dubai Water Canal

Sure, it’s been a little, shall we say, challenging negotiating the daily route changes and the increase in traffic jams in the Jumeirah/SZR area, but we’re pretty sure it’s been worth it; the Dubai Water Canal is going to revolutionise our lives around this area of town. We can walk from our office to the canal for a stroll at lunch time, take a water taxi to Downtown, cycle on dedicated paths… And that’s just the beginning. We’re officially in love.

5. Dubai’s efficiency drive

It’s been a year of modernisation in Dubai when it comes to all things bureaucratic. OK, so we like to think we’ve always been ahead of the game with this kind of thing, but 2016 has really seen us leapfrog into the future. We can now use our Emirates ID to skip past the queues at immigration; reregistering our cars takes seconds online; visas can be renewed with the click of a button; it’s all so quick and efficient. Just call us the city of the 22nd century. 

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