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5 headlines that made us smile in 2016

We look back at some of the things that made us chuckle in the last 12 months

28 Dec 2016 | 03:03 pm


1. The How-to-Dad videos on YouTube

Never mind Gina Ford or any of the other parenting experts; we’ve loved the advice from a new, if somewhat unconventional, guru on the scene (tongue held firmly in cheek!). Kiwi Dad Jordan Watson has had us all in stitches; his first YouTube video on how to hold a baby garnered some 2.6 million views, with subsequent posts on everything from feeding to sleeping. Appealing to both clueless dads and mums who’re sick of patronising mummy blogs, Jordan’s no-nonsense, comical approach to being a parent has been a breath of fresh air.


2. The Jennifer Aniston ads for Emirates

We shared a collective grin when everyone’s fave golden girl Jen signed up for another ad with Emirates. And we loved her even more when we saw the footage; she only ended up in economy like most of the rest of us! Looking gorgeously normal as always, the ad had her generously giving up her first class seat to the mum of an adorable little boy who sneaked into her suite to play with his toys in peace. Sure, it might be the most unlikely situation ever, but we can still dream...


3. Prince George and the no-five

Who else could leave a prime minister hanging but a ridiculously cute three-year-old? Britain’s Prince George did exactly that on the royal tour of Canada in September, snubbing the rather easy-on-the-eye Justin Trudeau as the senior statesman attempted to give him a high five in greeting when the royals stepped off their flight. Seriously, George, we’d have been all over that one!


4. Michelle Obama on Carpool Karaoke

First Lady of the US; regal, stand-offish, formal? Not likely! Michelle Obama showed just how down with the kids she is when she appeared on Carpool Karaoke with Brit host James Corden and we loved her for it. Tootling around the grounds of the White House belting out hits by Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder, the First Lady was totally at ease with Corden and totally unselfconscious; how refreshing!


5. The Prince William and Queen Elizabeth vs. President Obama Invictus Games tweets

Yet more tales of royalty and bigwigs being just like us mere mortals… Two of the most influential people in the world showed a more informal side just before the Invictus Games (with the help of a younger generation). President Obama recorded a hilarious challenge to Queen Elizabeth, who responded – aided and abetted by grandson Prince Harry – with her own equally hilarious response dismissing the challenge. Spoof James Bond films for the Olympics, competitive tweets for the Invictus Games… Who knew Queen Liz was such a royal trailblazer!

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