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5 pancake recipes with a twist

Try something a bit different this Pancake Day

28 Feb 2017 | 02:37 pm


Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday. Fat Tuesday - whatever you call it, now is a great time to celebrate the delicious creation that is batter cooked in a pan. This year we’ve got a round up of recipes that will encourage you to shed your traditional mixture methods and broaden your batter horizons...

1. Chocolate pancakes

If you’re not content with only topping your pancakes with chocolate sauce, go the extra mile and make the whole thing a chocolatey, indulgent dessert. 

2. Japanese pancakes

Go international with these tall, fluffy concotions hailing from Japan. 

3. Spicy potato pancakes

Savoury pancakes are enjoyed the world over and here Gordon Ramsay has a tasty Indian-inspired take. 

4. Crepes and more crepes

This french version of the pancake is so versatile it pretty much goes with anything. Here’s just four interesting ways to prepare them, including berry cheesecake and s’mores fillings - yum! 

5. Scotch pancakes

Also known as ‘drop scones’, these are made up of a thicker mixture perfect for including fruit in your recipe. 

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