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A New Leaf: 9 alternative Christmas tree ideas

Banish the plastic pines and the messy needles this season, opting for these smart substitutes

12 Dec 2016 | 11:27 am
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A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be living, green or covered in baubles. Here’s some great inspiration for contemporary takes on traditional tree decor and we’ve even included some top tips below:

Hand it to them

Make a lasting memento with seasonal artwork that will stand the test of time. Buy canvas and acrylic craft paints in four or five shades of green for the tree, brown for the trunk amd silver or gold for the final handprint at the top. Help your little ones carefully coat their hands with paint and press them down on the canvas in the shape of a tree. There’s no need to paint a background as the tree stands out beautifully against the white canvas. Ideal to hang againts a wall or over the mantelpiece.

Keep it green

Ever considered giving a Christmas tree as a gift? Buy a small tree that’s easy to carry and package it in an affordable carry box, available at stationers and specialist packing stores. Decorate the box with natural materials such as hessian, cardboard labels and ribbons...your Christmas couldn’t have greener credentials!

Grow your own

Plant three conifer saplings in attractive containers decorated with ribbons, labels or your favourite ornaments, then display them at different levels on your veranda or doorstep for a cheerful welcome. Just remember to replant the trees in suitable containers after the festive season so you can enjoy them all year long.

Tape tricks

Placing washi tape on a blank wall is a quick way for a DIY tree. Black stands out well against the typical UAE villa’s white walls and makes for a stylish monochromatic look. You can even put presents underneath it!

Thorny Beauty

A branch from a thorn tree could be an ideal base for hanging your decorations. Choose one with a good shape - ideally one that you would prune anyway or that has already died - and carefully strip away the leaves. Next, spray-paint it white. One coat will do the trick; leaving the texture of the bark to show through is part of the charm. Place the tree in an attractive holder, wedge it firmly in place with stones, then decorate it with ornaments and lights.

There are so many possibilties in choosing your theme with this space-saving decor. Start your colour combination with a twig base colour of your choice. Then you can stick to a single shade or introduce complementary colour with your ornaments.