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aQuarius takes a tour in an enviable tribal-inspired pad

African masks, zebra-print armchairs and black leather bottles - this Aquarius reader gives us a sneaky peek inside her tribal-inspired home

Catherine Langley
23 Jun 2013 | 04:34 pm

    "My home reflects my passion for travelling."

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  • children

    “These are my favourite pictures of the children.”

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  • Masai warriors

    “The Masai warriors were bought on a trip to Kenya.”

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  • leather bottle

    “My Gran bought me these years ago and the leather bottle was a house-warming gift from my brother.”

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  • mask

    “The mask was bought in Sierra Leone during one of our trips to visit our middle daughter Nahla in her birth country."

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  • oil canvas

    “This oil canvas was brought back from Liberia when we went there to adopt our eldest daughter Kenzie.”

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  • Photo albums

    “Photo albums – the first possession I’d save in a fire.”

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Where do you get your home style inspiration from?
My love of travel definitely inspires how my home looks and feels.

How many times have you moved house in the UAE?
We have moved nine times in nearly ten years.

What’s your favourite room in your house and why?
Probably my dining room, as my life is all about my family. We have had so many Saturday roast dinners, friends’ birthdays, Christmas dinners and other events all take place in this room so it holds many happy memories for me.

What’s your least favourite room in your house and why?
We converted the maid’s room into a small snug/study space and it’s ended up being the place where school bags are left, shoes gather and the dog tends to sleep.

Which room in your house is used the most and why?
Definitely the kitchen/family room. This is where I spend time with the baby and, when the older three kids are home from school, we prepare snack boxes together, bake, do homework and catch up with our day.

What’s the one interiors item you have been searching for and can’t find?
A chest to store dress-up clothes in the family room.

If money and time were no object, what changes would you make to your home?
I would rip out most of the bathrooms and redesign them.

What are your three favourite home/interiors stores?
Marina Gulf, The One Fusion and Pier Import.

If you could have any house in the world, which would it be?
I love the house in the film Sleeping with the Enemy. It would be completely impractical with four kids, but I love the sound of the ocean, the floor-to-ceiling glass and the open-plan feel.

Catherine Langley

By Catherine Langley

Deputy Editor