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Erica Pace’s travel-inspired apartment

Erika Pace, an interior decorator from Lithuania, has lived in her apartment in The Greens since she arrived in the UAE 11 years ago

By Belle Yates
22 May 2016 | 10:59 am
  • “This was painted by a Mexican artist and is a recently ‘inherited’ gift from my friend Claudia, who owns a gallery in Dubai.”

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  • “It was love at first sight with this chandelier. It is by designer Constance Guisset.”

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  • “Eclectic living – I change it all the time... the rug, or the painting, or the wall colour, or just a cushion. It never stays the same for long.”

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  • “Yep, it works! Everyone asks the question. It’s a cool vintage-looking telephone – one of the many special pieces in my home.”

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  • “It’s no secret that I am addicted to everything about France. This is my House Rules sticker. Funnily enough, I bought it online from China!”

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  • “Some of the feng shui in the house. The water tank is, sadly, currently without fish, as they passed away.”

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  • “Horse-riding memories and my life motto – do more of what makes you happy.”

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  • “I cannot live without my garden, I need to be surrounded by greenery and trees.”

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  • “Books are another addiction. I read a lot, but only real (paper) books.”

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My Dubai home has always been in the Greens – the ground floor with a garden is a must! I can’t live without greenery, trees, plants and outdoors.

I’ve changed house style at least three times. I believe I’m now settled and happy with how it looks. I don’t like to go shopping and look for a particular item, but when I see something that I like and I feel that “this is for me” feeling, I go for it.

It can take a long time to get your home to where you want it to be. It took me three years to find the right chandelier… Luckily, I have my clients’ homes where I can experiment with different styles. But in Dubai I like clean, contemporary, eclectic homes – including my own.

Since a very young age, I matched colours and moved the furniture all over the place at my parents’ home, and did a lot of crafts to decorate simple things. When I’m working on homes for others, I love matching personality to interior and adding a feeling of cosiness and homeliness to it.

I don’t have favourite designers. But I love the clean lines and chic looks of Stephane Chamard and Victoria Hagan. They inspire me to stick to the style I know well.

Inspiration comes from everywhere – from daily surroundings, travelling... Of course, I use Google if my mind is blank, or Instagram and Houzz. I also love watching UK TV shows like The Great Interior Challenge and The Block.

My home certainly reflects my attention to detail. I love things being in their place – lots of bits and pieces, but not cluttered. Items in my home came from my travels, or were given to me, but all of them relate to memories.

The living room is my favourite room in any home. It’s my cave – where I can hide after a long day, stretch out on a comfy sofa, read a book or just watch a movie. Saying that though, my most significant purchase for my home was my Hastens bed.

I’d say my books are my most loved items. And the phone on the wall, which has been with me for sometime now and still works – much to the surprise of visitors. The chandelier, Vertigo Petite from Constance Guisset, was my dream come true! My Bedouin kilims from Syria are also a favourite.

I shop when travelling, order online and buy from suppliers around the world. In Dubai my favourite stores are Bo Concept, La Maison Verte, Crate & Barrel, D-tales, Objects and Elements, West Elm and Meroe (best bedding ever!). I even use Dubizzle and Facebook.

My lamps are very important to me. I love using lighting in the house for different moods and atmospheres.

I love peaceful calm interiors, as I come home to rest and clear my mind. After all, this is your home and you should be happy there. Simple can also be chic.

By Belle Yates

By Belle Yates