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Go-to event of the month

Accalia Hipwood, host of Radio 2’s Afternoons with Accalia, gives us her go-to event for the month

By Accalia Hipwood
1 Oct 2015 | 12:00 am
  • The Nile Project.

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  • The Nile Project.

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This month, I’ll be going to The Nile Project, October 29

“It’d be easy to wax lyrical about the bands of the 80s and 90s topping the bill in the UAE this month, or the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artists and DJs also performing. Instead I’ll introduce you to a musical gem – The Nile Project. Comprising musicians from Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Egypt, the group performs their collaborative music with vocals in more than 10 languages, inspired by the Nile Basin’s diverse musical traditions and instruments. Catch this musical adventure for free at East Plaza, The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.”

Advance reservation required.

By Accalia Hipwood

By Accalia Hipwood