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How do I go al fresco?

InsideOut stylist Sarah Maisey tells us how to decorate for a garden party

By Sarah Maisey
25 Jan 2015 | 09:43 am
  • Marrakesh bench, Dh699, Ace.

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It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the amazing weather. 
And what better way to celebrate than with some outdoor dining. This year really make the most of it, and transform your garden, balcony or even local park into a memorable venue. Light the candles, invite some friends, and enjoy.

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1 Sit pretty. Vintage-style garden benches and seats are always a good investment, as they just get better with age. Simply carry a table outside for an elegant place to enjoy supper every evening.

2 Light up. Eating outside is no fun in the dark, so be sure to have enough light. Tea lights in tiny holders on a table, stylish floor lamps, or fairy lights hanging from a tree are all practical, yet lovely.

3 Stay dry. For comfortable picnics, remember to put down plastic-backed ground blankets before piling on the throws and floor cushions. It will keep everything dry, so there are no damp cushions to dry out before the next adventure.

By Sarah Maisey

By Sarah Maisey