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Inside an eclectic Abu Dhabi apartment

This stylish Abu Dhabi apartment is an eclectic mix of colourful, creative pieces

By Catherine Langley
7 Aug 2013 | 02:02 pm
  • “I enjoy displaying things that ordinarily wouldn’t be on show.”

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  • Marie Antoinette

    “Marie Antoinette had the right idea. Cake is my staple diet!”

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  • “ I had been searching for an Indian delivery bike for what seemed like a million years. My friend found this one in Abu Dhabi.

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  • “My favourite room in the house is my bedroom. I’m obsessed with sleep and I adore my wrought iron bed – even though it’s only from Ikea!”

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How would you describe your home style?

My style used to be quite gothic – dark colours, antique furniture and taxidermy have previously played a big part in my homes. But I’m now much more into bright colours, which is refreshing. 

Your home is quite eclectic. Was this on purpose or did it just evolve?

It happened naturally. I enjoy displaying things that ordinarily wouldn’t be on show.

What made you choose this property?

It was simple, fresh and airy. The big wooden sliding door and bamboo floors sealed the deal for me.

What’s your least favourite room in your home and why?

The laundry room. Because that’s where work happens.

What is the one thing your house needs right now?

A cheap upholsterer.

What are your three favourite interiors stores and why?

Generally I prefer to do my furniture shopping at markets as I like to find unusual gems. But if I had to name three stores, I would say Crate 
& Barrel because it has a wonderful kitchen selection; Zara Home because it has amazing tablecloths and Marina Home because it has a variety of beautiful pieces.

If you could have any house in the world, which would it be?

The haunted mansion in the Johnny Depp film Edward Scissorhands. If he could be included, that would also be great.

If money and time were no object, what changes would you make to your home?

First, I would get a proper handmade four-poster bed – crafted from French oak – and I’d team it with one of those beautiful old distressed wooden doors from India. After that I’d like to incorporate some more leather into my home. I’d also fill my kitchen with KitchenAid and Le Creuset utensils.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

All over the place. I find anything fun and relaxed inspiring.


Age: 32
From: South Africa
Profession: Operations manager

By Catherine Langley

By Catherine Langley