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Movies coming out in cinemas this month

Here are our top three for the month of April

By Catherine Harper
7 Apr 2015 | 12:00 am
  • The Longest Ride.


The Longest Ride

April 9

Differing paths and priorities are causing rifts between young couple Luke and Sophia (played by Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson), but a chance encounter with old-timer Ira – and his tales of a decades-long romance with the love of his life – inspires them to re-evaluate their relationship. This is one for an afternoon with the girls.


Child 44

April 16

Set in the Stalin era of the Soviet Union, this hard-hitting drama/thriller follows Leo (Tom Hardy), a pro-Stalin security officer who tries to get to the bottom of a series of nasty child murders in a country that refuses to accept the existence of such crimes. Unsurprisingly, Leo finds himself out of a job and in exile, but this doesn’t stop him from pursuing his investigation. It’s gritty and disturbing, but compelling.


The Age of Adaline

April 23

Would you really want to be 29 forever? Adaline (Blake Lively) is, after a freak accident renders her ageless, but she begins to question her immortality and self-imposed solitude when she meets the handsome, charismatic philanthropist Ellis (Michiel Huisman). Their budding romance leaves her with a decision to make; remain ageless but loveless, or give up her irreplaceable gift in the name of love?

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper