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Movies coming out in cinemas this month

Here are our top three for the month of February

By Catherine Harper
3 Feb 2016 | 03:03 pm
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The Finest Hours

February 4

Eric Bana, Chris Pine, Casey Affleck... We’re watching this one for the drama, honestly! Based on true events, the movie tells the tale of a group of daring coastguards who set out to rescue the crew of a stricken oil tanker in a giant storm, putting themselves at great risk.


Zoolander 2

February 11

Ben Stiller leads an all-star cast including Macaulay Culkin, Owen Wilson and Penelope Cruz in the follow-up to the original Zoolander movie. Derek and Hansel are back, once again thrust onto the catwalk and into the volatile world of fashion to contend with villain Mugatu (Will Ferrell) and a plot to assassinate the world’s beautiful people.


Triple 9

February 18

Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad fame) and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in this gritty crime thriller about a gang of criminals and corrupt cops hell-bent on murdering a police officer.
 But all is not as it seems; they’re doing it to pull off their biggest heist yet, because the Russian mafia is blackmailing them and it’s their only way out.

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper