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Our top three picks for the month of January

By Catherine Harper
6 Jan 2015 | 04:19 pm
  • Selma.



January 29

Hard-hitting, brutal and real, this film chronicles Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s campaign for equal voting rights in the face of hostile opposition. Focusing on the three-month march from Selma to Montgomery that led to President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it’s one to sit down and pay attention to.


Wolf Creek 2

January 8

Just in case you’ve managed to get over the nightmares triggered by the first Wolf Creek, deranged killer Mick Taylor is back to disturb your sleep again. This time his hapless prey – running for their lives in the wild, lonely outback – includes police officers as well as tourists and backpackers. Expect suspense, thrills and plenty of gore to have you hiding behind the cushions and leaving the lights on.


Taken 3

January 15

The ruggedly handsome Liam Neeson reprises his role as ex-CIA man Bryan Mills for this, the third and final installment of the Taken movies. Mills, known for finding and killing those who threaten his family, faces his toughest battle yet as the thugs who took his daughter brutally murder his wife. Can he use his particular set of skills to find the killers? And can he convince the police he didn’t murder her himself?

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper