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This month we’re... getting our glow on

From juices and sleep clinics to spa treats and beauty cheats, this summer we are finding ways to shine

Sophia Dyer
3 Jul 2016 | 12:44 pm
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A glow starts from the inside, so we’re kicking off with a five-day cold pressed juice cleanse from Essentially. Juices are delivered straight to your door and there’s even a 15 per cent discount when you book online ( from July 3rd to 16th. Continuing with our health kick, we’ll be heading down to Comptoir 102 to try out their new summer menu, including refreshing watermelon salad and light zucchini al pesto.

To keep us shining all summer long, we’re being sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and getting plenty of sleep. To stay hydrated, the HydraCoach from Virgin Megastore is Dh139 well spent as it tells you exactly how much water you have had (or not had) that day, and reminds you to take a sip if your are lagging behind. And to make sure we are getting the best quality zzz-time, we’re checking in to the London Sleep Clinic here in Dubai ( to have our sleep habits analysed.

For the ultimate glow, we’re heading to the Elixir Clinic ( to get a Cryo Glow Facial for Dh325, which promotes non-invasive anti-ageing results by boosting the circulation of nutrient-rich and highly oxygenated blood. We’ll back it up with the Starskin Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff for Dh39 – a face exfoliator that lathers and removes dead skin – and Nars’ Monoï Body Glow, Dh295, both available at Sephora.

For the finishing touch to our summer glow, we’re using the new Laura Mercier Face Illuminator for Dh202 – silky, natural-looking and designed to complement all skin tones.

Sophia Dyer

Sophia Dyer