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This month we’re in the mood to party!

Christmas, New Year’s Eve… we just love any excuse for a party!

By Catherine Harper
16 Dec 2014 | 05:47 pm
  • Counting the days to 2015.

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  • Designer-24.

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  • Bag, Dh369, Dune.

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  • Ghaf Kitchen.

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  • Earrings, Dh60, Aldo.

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  • Dress, Dh45, Babyshop.

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  • Beauty Connection Spa.

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To get preened and party-ready we’ll be heading to Marquee ( in The Lakes or Arabian Ranches to have our locks coiffed to party perfection, then the new Beauty Connection spa (04 321 2888) – where we’ll never need to make an appointment or wait – to get our talons polished with a sparkly varnish from Essie’s party range.

Of course, we’ll need something special to wear and we’ve found the perfect way to bag designer wear without bankrupting ourselves. will drop off a designer dress for us to rent and even pick it up afterwards without us having to dry-clean it! And if we can’t fit in a hunt for accessories, we’ll be clicking on to have goodies from Aldo and Dune delivered straight to our door. For our mini fashionistas, we’ll be checking out the latest party-wear from F+F at Oasis Centre (04 338 9075), Orchestra (04 339 9680) and Babyshop (, along with super-cute festive accessories from

Then we’ll need decorations, so we’ll be popping into a branch of Party Centre – 800 MYPARTY – for some inspiration, but if we’re short on time, we’ll be relying on or 
for home delivery.

And finally, we’ll need food. We’re spoilt for choice – bringing along a selection of seasonal treats, Ghaf Kitchen (04 443 0355) designing a menu to suit, or Picnic Basket – – rocking up with baskets of healthy goodies?

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper