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Treats for the kiddies

Got a house full of kids to entertain over the summer holidays? Keep them fed and happy with these fun snack and treat ideas that even little ones can help to make

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20 Jul 2015 | 05:00 pm
  • Quack quack cupcakes.

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Quack quack cupcakes

What you’ll need

• 12 cupcakes

• 500ml pale yellow butter icing

• A tub of caramel popcorn, or mini yellow marshmallows, roughly chopped

• 12 large pale yellow marshmallows, plus extra

• 24 orange or red mini Smarties

• Tube of black butter icing

How to

1 Ice the cupcakes with the yellow icing.

2 Cover the icing with the popcorn, or mini marshmallows, leaving a space in the centre for the larger marshmallow. Place a marshmallow upright on each cupcake, using more icing if necessary.

3 Stick two Smarties on to the marshmallow for the beak using icing. Pipe eyes with black icing.

4 Place the rest of the yellow icing in a piping bag with a thin nozzle and pipe a twirl of icing on each marshmallow.

5 Serve on a blue or blue-covered tray, alongside extra mini white marshmallow ‘bubbles’.

Duck sarnies

Duck sarnies

Make cheese sandwiches using white bread and thinly sliced cheese. Use a duck-shaped cookie cutter to cut shapes from the sandwiches. Lightly spread each sandwich with butter and decorate with a tiny amount of blue cake sprinkles.

Happy bug rolls

Happy bug rolls

Make diagonal cuts halfway through bread rolls (don’t cut all the way through). Lightly spread with butter, cheese spread or cream cheese and fill with thin slices of tomato and cheese. Place cream cheese in a piping bag and pipe eyes and a mouth for the happy bug face.

Fishcakes and fries

Fishcakes and fries

Remove the skin and bones from 750g cooked fish and flake. 
Mix the fish, 250g fresh white breadcrumbs, 1 mashed potato, 1 beaten egg, 125g grated cheese, chopped parsley and salt to taste. Leave to stand for 20 minutes. Heat a small amount of oil. Fry spoonfuls of the mixture (or spoon into fish-shaped cookie cutters) until done. Serve with fries wrapped in paper cones.

Banana smoothies

Banana smoothies

Blend sliced bananas, natural yogurt and mango juice until smooth. Pour into small plastic tumblers and decorate with blue cake sprinkles.

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