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Life Challenge Final Blog: Paola Pani

Paola reflects on the changes she has made to herself during the challenge

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1 May 2012 | 11:45 am
  • Paola's new look

    One of the steps Paola took during the challenge was to update her wardrobe.

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Finito!!! Can’t deny I feel a bit nervous as the Challenge comes to an end, mainly because as of tomorrow I will be on my own, no more appointments to keep, no more sound advice but most of all no more blogging. I'm refusing to be sad though, I want to celebrate instead and get excited about it.

I'm positive that each person I need to thank - together with all the readers that took time to get to know me and my exciting journey - knows how much they meant to me, how much they helped me during this two amazing months.

For you my friends, and for them unfortunately I don’t have incredibly clever, wise and sophisticated words, I just have my most humble and honest thank you! I started this challenge like a scary cat, feeling lost and miserable, feeling like a loser and completely stuck in my insecurities not knowing what I was good at and what I was going to do with my life.

As the days went by I felt even more compelled to do my best as the real hope of being able to help someone through my example gave me the strength to push myself further, to make changes and completely embrace the process. Every week I felt strongly about not wanting to go back to my old self! I had my highs and lows and I tried my best to highlight them to you. I learned that my past experiences, although some negative, helped me shape up my life and gave me a broader view of the world, they made me flexible, adaptable and open. I have been always a positive, enthusiastic and clever girl that doesn’t give up easily, I just needed to see it with more friendly eyes. Every day through my new choices I will make you proud as much as I am, and I will definitely find out what my next step will be after this. So thank you for inspiring me, thank you for believing in me even in my lowest days, and thank you for reading me. I hope you grasped from the blog that every word I wrote was a reflection of how I felt, a push to change. Every entry was a letter to myself to remind me what I have learned, who I really am and to warn me against making the same mistakes. And unfortunately now I have to find a bunch of imaginary friends whom I can send more blogs to as I will miss it incredibly! :)

Anyway, I want my last blog to be easy, fun yet passionate! I want you to have this kind of picture of me in your mind. I want you to remember me as a fun, intelligent, confident, passionate, sophisticated woman! So now in order to achieve that, I m going to tell you what happened in the last few days an what I have done in order close the circle of this life makeover.

Complete revision of my outer look

I know, I like shoes, bags and clothes! I'm superficial? Naaaaa, I just felt I really needed to change my outside as much as the inside to reflect the way I feel inside, a more confident version of me... I did already take a bold step by chopping off my locks about a month ago, so I took a step forward and went to my lovely hairdresser Nene, in Pretty Lady Saloon in Satwa and had my hair coloured with highlights, the result is a fresh, natural yet, more sophisticated and sexy look that I love!

Even bigger step: complete update of my wardrobe!!!

Not sure why it took me so long, but, I decided to call in Clara, who is not only one of my best friends, but she is a talented and passionate personal and wardrobe stylist as well as a qualified psychologist. To me she is the best person for the job. She is such a fun person to be around, honest, positive, captivating, creative and amazingly stylish! She can really listen to my needs, giving congruent feedback and ultimately create a look that reflects my personality and lifestyle. Check out Clara’s Über cool website

I told Clara that sometimes I feel I dress like a little girl in a prairie and till now I have been insecure about my style and too scared to bring colour in my life! Clara says “The way we dress is very much a part of our sense of self – it's how we communicate what we're about and how we're feeling to the world around us. So let’s get down to business and be ready to let go of your of your old past!!!

We agreed that my goal is to bring colour to my life, be more sexy (I was sort of holding on to a granny’s look) and embrace my body shape instead of hiding it. So we did a wardrobe assessment, tried on every item in a very organised way, chucked anything old, unflattering and that doesn’t speak my true self, my age and my lifestyle. I realised that I do have some adorable pieces in my wardrobe and I do have enough dresses, I just don’t wear them! I have lots of alterations to do, I can even replicate some items that I love in different colours and have them made from my tailor, so Satwa here I come!

Finally Clara helped me making a list of the items missing in my wardrobe including shoes and bags that I can purchase slowly and as needed. I don’t know in which stage of my life I forgot how much I love to talk about fashion, clothes and fabrics! But I just realised it today! It was a bit hard to get rid of some items, but why keep them if they don’t do the job anymore?

The final result was truly liberating and I definitely feel more confident on what looks good on me, and what I want to communicate through my clothes. My wardrobe as myself are ready to embrace new amazing pieces, and from now on I will only buy items that I truly love and that make me feel good about myself because I m totally worth it ;)
I think this exercise was really the best way to finish the Life Challenge in style!

Farewell my friends, my only wish is that I have been an inspiration for at least one of you to make positive changes in your life, I hope it was fun reading me and that you enjoyed this adventure as much as I did. L V E Y U
xoxo Paola. 

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