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Life Challenge Week 2: Accalia Hipwood

Life Challenger Accalia takes the fitness plunge and starts to feel more liberated

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20 Mar 2012 | 12:25 pm
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    Accalia did not find the gym nearly as daunting as she thought it would be.

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  • "Walking in through the Fitness First doors was actually the hardest part."

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Week two, day five: In the fitness zone

It was my first session with Joe from Fitness First today. I actually really enjoyed it. He's managed to get me all fired up, which is amazing, really, as the fitness part of this challenge has been filling me with dread. I know I'm not fit. I definitely know I'm overweight. So the thought of being in a gym environment filled with toned, tanned, fit people in lycra was all rather intimidating.

Walking in through the Fitness First doors was actually the hardest part. I was imagining people looking at me and thinking to themselves, “Wrong place, lady. The doughnut shop is the round corner.”

In reality, noone batted an eye at me, of course. I had a good chat with Joe and he introduced me to my instruments of torture. Well, the rowing machine and a few other pieces of shiny equipment. I had fun. (Can't believe I just used the 'f' word for the gym.) I left motivated and happy, and rushed home to take my dog out for a good hour’s stomp. The first tune on my iPod suited my mood perfectly. Tonight I have a big smile on my face.

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