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Life Challenge Week 2: Paola Pani

Life Challenger Paola is discovering a new side to her life

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18 Mar 2012 | 03:49 pm
  • Red high heels

    Paola ponders a new pair of red heels in week two.

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  • Paola is embracing a new side to her life.

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Week two, day six: Being the best me

It’s only been four days since I wrote last, but it seems ages, and that’s because so many things have happened and changed inside me that it’s almost unbelievable. Just two days ago I had a ‘Shana 101’ crisis and emailed her all my doubts on how I thought my plan was a little disconnected from reality, on how I was confused and doubting myself again and maybe that I was not that ready for this journey... I want to share her reply with all of you because I’m sure it will help you somehow someday – whether it’s to make a hard choice of career change, or diet, or to do something out of the ordinary, forgive or simply buy a pair of  new hot red high heels…

You are asking if maybe this is not for you…  So follow this with the question, “Is it possible for me to carry on living like this, without any lasting change, with never getting what I truly want and need because I chose to hold on to 'stuff' that is no longer real? ‘Stuff' that will never serve me or the people I love? Ask yourself, “What are the consequences of holding on to these beliefs?” Think about what it has cost you in the past and what it will continue to cost you in the future…

For sure, if you decide on getting the red heels, it may be a cost on your wallet now, but we have to invest in our future. And as soon as you put them on, you will feel (and, therefore, be) more confident – and that’s what we want; to BE confident NOW, and FOREVER! Because we are truly more beautiful when we start with that feeling… we shine, our skin glows and people around us are nicer, funnier, more interesting and happier, because WE are sending positive energy from each and every amazing  pore in our body... We love ME! So for today, and for the future, see what it is that needs to be addressed within yourself, see what’s holding you back and fight it. And you will see an amazing new you that you just want to embrace and love... You are a beautiful creation and deserve to live your best life, starting today!!! Xoxo Paola

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