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Life Challenge Week 3: Accalia Hipwood

Life Challenger Accalia sees the light and starts to feel more liberated

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20 Mar 2012 | 12:35 pm
  • An older woman taking an eyesight test with an optician

    Accalia compares the feeling of being on the Life Challenge to that of wearing glasses for the first time. (Photo used for illustrative purposes only).


Week three, day five: Life through a new lens

The day I was told that I needed glasses, it was a shock to me. No one in my family wore them and it wasn’t as if I was ageing, I was 30! Admittedly, the year leading up to that discovery, I had spent squinting, rubbing my eyes continuously trying to focus and, eventually, having to stand right up close to things to be able see what I was looking at in any detail. Not to mention the numerous embarrassing episodes of walking into things and people. At that time, I was working on a breakfast show in London, and had been for many years, so I put my failing eyesight down to the early starts, late nights and general tiredness. Many friends had said to me, ‘Maybe you need glasses… why don’t you go to the opticians?’ Simple really, but I protested. ‘Me glasses? No way.’ It just didn’t fit with my perception of myself. 

However, it got to the point where I was forced to brave the opticians. Turns out I am short-sighted. It took me another few weeks before I came to terms with the news and actually purchased my first pair of glasses. And what a day that was. It was like a miracle – I could see. Everything. In detail. I couldn’t believe how frustrating and miserable my ‘out of focus’ world had been in comparison. Why didn’t I do this earlier? 

That’s exactly how I feel about my life coach sessions with Shana. I have had a couple and they have been life changing. I am not being dramatic (for a change) and maybe it’s a rather obvious statement, as that’s what life coaching is all about right? But it has been like donning a pair of glasses and seeing detail for the first time in a very long time. Yes, why didn’t I do this earlier? I have heard many times how being healthy means having body and mind in tune with each other, but I have never felt that way myself. Until now. 

I am a changed person and I feel liberated. 

Sara Queen, nutritionist, says: “You’d already made positive changes to your diet and eating habits prior to our first consultation, Accalia, and your aim for the initial week was to continue with this and increase your portion sizes and your carbohydrate intake. This was not only to help with weight loss, as you were undereating (a trap that many dieters fall into), but more importantly to increase your very low energy levels. This has meant planning and carrying a rucksack of food into work with you, which you have succeeded to do admirably. Congratulations! Next week we are still concentrating on portion sizes plus we have our trip to the shops!”

Shana Kad, NLP life coach, says: “Coaching Accalia has been so very exciting and rewarding. I love the way Accalia is no longer settling for ‘that will do’. I smile when she says, ‘Actually, I think there is something else coming through that I need to deal with" and I find myself rubbing my hands together and saying, "Come on then! Bring it on – lets get it ALL.” You would think that everyone would be this invested in getting the best out of their life, but this is not always the case when people fear change, or have too much invested in settling for less. Not our Accalia – she will not leave a stone unturned. Where there was fear, there is now excitement for all the tomorrows to come. Thank you, Accalia, for reminding me again and again why I love what I do. :) Shana x”


Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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