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Life Challenge Week 3: Bhawna Verma

Life Challenger Bhawna tries some acupuncture and learns how to deal with stress

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22 Mar 2012 | 10:10 am
  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture restores the flow of life energy (prana, qi) in the body.


Week three, day one

For the movie buffs

This week, Carolyn helped me with understanding my reactions to stressful situations. We all experience stressful situations from time to time and our body responds to the emotion with sweaty palms and quick breathing. In my case though, the physical symptoms don’t just stop there. I feel the above as well as nausea and breathing trouble.

If the situation is bordering on the scale of a trauma, the symptoms magnify to asthma,or irregular heart beats. Since I have no history of these diseases, I knew it stemsfrom my mind. Carolyn made me visualize that I was the sole audience in a cinema and was watching the movie of my life. Under her expert guidance, I was able to disconnect from my usual response to stress and realised that I had a choice.

I was able to put this to test soon. A couple of days after the session, my car’s gears started behaving erratically in the middle of the road. The car shook violently if I tried to accelerate, or change gears. As the stress started building up, I caught myself just in time before I slipped into the old response mode. I knew I had a choice to stay calm, ignore the furious glances and pull up on the side of the road without harming anyone in the process, however busy the street maybe. I managed to do exactly that till the pick-up truck arrived and the car was towed away to the service station. Now I’m feeling restricted without the car, but at least my mind is beginning to feel more free! 

Week three, day two

Needle work

If there is one thing I would like to change about my personal appearance, it’d me my crowning glory. I’d love to wake up and wave my fingers through thick and luscious locks. Sadly, all I seem to do these days is to adjust the strands from not showing the scalp beneath. Assuming that nutrition could be a major reason of a thinning hairline, I narrated my concern to Lily, a nutritionist at Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre.

After doing some tests, Dr Maria (Director and acting head of Traditional Chinese Medicine) suggested I supplement my diet with iron as I am a bit anaemic. She also prescribed red clover extract to balance my hormones (especially oestrogen). DHTC didn’t leave any stone unturned to give me the best possible treatment and set me up for recurring acupuncture sessions.

Acupuncture uses tiny needles to release any blocks in the body’s energy meridians, restoring the flow of life energy (prana, qi) in the body. A free flowing ‘qi’ (spoken as chee) is vital for a healthy body and mind. The needle prick is quick and is made at specific points all over the body. Although I could sense the needles, I fell into the most peaceful nap soon after the doctor left. Either the ancient acupuncture was working, or maybe it’s just that I can fall asleep anywhere (read no kids around) these days! 

Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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