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Life Challenge Week 3: Karin Londt

Life Challenger Karin experiences colonic hydrotherapy during the third week

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20 Mar 2012 | 01:45 pm
  • Philip Stein sleep bracelet

    Karin has been trying out her Philip Stein sleep bracelet.

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Week three, day one: Busy, busy, busy

This week is gearing up for a busy one. I’ve got appointments with The Dubai Herbal Treatment Center for my BCA (late-I know, I know!), Kay at the Chiropractic Health & Physio Polyclinic for my colonic twice (shudder!) this week, Christina on Thursday, and Mike on Saturday. Sprinkle in my weekly physiotherapy and doctor’s appointments, end of term doodads at my daughter’s school, holiday planning for the term break, visiting relatives and a job interview in Abu Dhabi and you can see its no walk in the park. I’m going to need all my energy and sleeping well is a part of that. I usually get a good night’s rest (6-8 hours) and sleep soundly, but I am feeling the stress of this week already. So I’m going to give my Philip Stein sleep bracelet a go this week. 

I didn’t even unpack it to be honest. It looked so pretty sitting on my dressing table in its chic white box with gold lettering, that I didn’t have the heart to open it. I also didn’t quite believe the hype (check it out at However, since the folks at Philip Stein were nice enough to gift it to us Aquarius Life Challengers, I will try it this week and let you know how it goes. 

Eating sensibly will probably fall by the wayside this week. Not to mention getting my out-of-shape-self to Fitness First. I haven’t had the time to hit the shops for grocery shopping and am looking forward to seeing what healthy options the restaurants in Fujairah, Dubai and Sharjah have to offer. I am feeling healthier and have been rather good at sticking to the 1260 calorie restricted diet plan Christina recommended, but so far the weight’s not budging much. Granted I dropped a few cm’s around my waist and butt, upper arms and knees, but the kilos I’d thought I’d lost have crept right back. Darn! 

Week three, day two: Walkies!

The tide’s a turning. My usually slothful, couch-bound family has been stirred to greater heights than even I could have dreamed of. Our pre-Challenge day went something like this: Up at 6am, no brekkie, work/school, back home at 3pm, sandwiches for lunch, couch/internet-surfing , fast food dinner, more couch time, bed at 9pm for the kid, 12 am for the adults. However, since changing things up with home cooking, lighter suppers and better food choices, our energy levels have spiked. We’re going to the park for a game of footie, walking around the track at the Ladies Park in Fujairah, or just cycling on the Corniche. So now we’re thinking it might just be time to get a little dog to add to the family fun. We’ve been thinking about it a while, but the thought of the daily walks and exercise an animal needed put us off a bit. Like I said, we were (past tense!) a lazy bunch!! 

We went to the Sharjah animal shelter to try to find a suitable animal, and I promptly lost it! So many animals, so little love. I wanted to take each and every single one home with me. I couldn’t believe that no one wanted any of these animals! Unfortunately none of the animals fit our requirements (smallish dog, apartment trained, a year old, child-friendly), so we turned to Dubizzle. We’ve found a lovely little terrier to adopt from an expat who’s leaving and he’s joining our family real soon. Getting out and about just became a whole lot more fun. We are going to volunteer at weekends at the shelter to take the dogs for walks, or just to help the staff with whatever is needed. 

I promised y’all I would try the sleep bracelet. Last night I did. The first thing I noticed was how light and comfortable it was to wear. I can’t usually fall asleep wearing any type of jewellery, but after a few minutes I hardly noticed it. It didn’t really help me fall asleep any quicker, nor did I wake feeling any different, but the leaflet in the box said to give it a few days. Here’s hoping… 

Week three, day three: Getting down to business

So today I had my session with Kay. My colonic hydrotherapy – a.k.a my worst nightmare. I was picturing all kinds of nasty business involving vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Hubby thought it was hilarious. He kept making awful prison jokes that I still don’t get. 

The day started with an hour-long prayer session. I had to make sure the Big Guy was definitely on my side. At the clinic the staff were all lovely and smiley. And Kay… let’s just say she’s a walking advertisement for colon hydrotherapy. All glowing healthy skin, pearly whites and legs up to her armpits. Gorgeous. 

Walking into her treatment room I noticed the shiny contraption with all the knobs and dials first. My gut gave a frightened hiccup. It looked scary. Kay laughingly explained what it was for and I immediately relaxed. A colon hydrotherapist with a sense of humour? She’s very professional and explained all the details in gory, graphic detail. Ironically, knowing exactly what was going to happen beforehand made me relax even more. 

I am going to spare y’all the nasty details ‘cos you might be eating or something, but after one hour of having water pumped and evacuated, I was chatting away as if I’d known Kay all my life. Seriously, it was rather wonderful. Before I knew it, the treatment was done and I was getting my post-treatment advice. I feel lighter, cleaner and a bit tired, which was to be expected as I hadn’t slept much the night before (even with the sleep bracelet on). 

I have another session on Saturday and I’m looking forward to it. I have already advised hubby, Carolyn and some friends to give it a go. It’s probably the best thing you can do for your health. 

Christina Doublichevitche, nutritionist, says: “Really good news about your energy levels and fitting into your jeans Karin. I am really happy for you! The food diary this week is good, apart from a few mishaps. I am not so fond of the fried chicken and some sugar here and there, but I can see that you are eating more fruits, GREAT! I can also see that sometimes you’re skipping on snacks and on lunches, which makes you slip at dinner time. Take a five minute break and HAVE your snack or lunch. It will make a great difference at dinner time.

Finally, if you want a small cupcake, have it during the day not after dinner. (And only every now and then!) But, great achievement so far… KEEP IT UP!”



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Aquarius magazine

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  • Colleen, Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates

    Hi Karin! Call me - I would love to hear from you. Colleen

  • Karin Londt, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

    Hi Galina, Kay also gifted me with a copy of your book which I found filled with loads of interesting information on how to treat my body right. Thank you for writing a most wonderful how-to guide I've read in a long time.

  • Galina , Imrie, United Kingdom

    Hi Karin, congratulations on your first colonic! I am so happy that Kay was your therapist. I was Kay's colon hydrotherapy teacher a few years ago, and she was an amazing student. Colon therapy treatment is indeed one of the best presents you can give to your body, it's on a par with a good book or film or conversation which feel like a gift for the soul. Do spread the word - colonics with Kay are dignified, educational, friendly, healthy and not embarrassing at all!