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Life Challenge Week 3: Noha El Shazly

Life Challenger Noha receives a boost from an empowering mirror message in Week 3

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18 Mar 2012 | 03:42 pm
  • Mirror message

    The message suggested by Life Coach Patricia.

    Source:Noha El Shazly

Week three, day one

Recipes site

Being on a gluten-free diet is not easy as it means you have to always plan ahead. For someone like myself, who hasn’t planned a meal in as long as she can remember, sometimes I simply forget to! Sarah emails me throughout the week to give me feedback about my food diary and to check on my progress, which I find very motivating. 

Sarah also told me about a cool meal recipes website,, where you choose from a variety of tried and tested meals rated from ‘easy’ to ‘the keen cook’ – and some meals take only 15 to 30 minutes to prepare… Bingo, here’s an easy way to start and no need to panic. 

Week three, day five

Fitness forward

Now I’m on track with my super cool PT Vanessa from Fitness First Abu Dhabi, my workout has improved dramatically, which I’m really happy about, and it proves that it’s all about how you choose to be and what you choose to do. 

Vanessa told me about the Polar watch, which I have now and it is awesome. I don’t even know how I ever exercised without it – my heart rate is checked throughout my workout, I know exactly how long I’ve been exercising for and, as it files your last workout data, Vanessa will be monitoring my performance and heart rate even when I exercise on my own. I’m sure I didn’t have a happy face when she mentioned that, but she had a big smile on hers! 

Week three, day six

Message on a mirror 

Yesterday I received this email from Patricia:

“Here is a task for you… 

Put this on your mirror, so you see it every day: (see picture above) 

How can I appreciate and enjoy even more love, power, respect and gratitude than I already have?” 

You’ve gotta love that woman! I very much appreciate everything she’s helped me with so far. As a result of that email, I went straight away go and get my second-favorite lipstick shade and wrote it on my bathroom mirror. (I’ve always wanted to do that and now I had a very good reason to!) 

I read it many times during the day and the impact it’s leaving on me is indescribable. It’s an instant reminder of all the blessings I have – of my amazingly supportive family who I could never have made it through the hard times without – and my supportive friends who I consider as my family here in UAE. 

Now I actually think of different ways to enjoy what God has blessed me with. I know I’ve been through a lot, and sometimes I was just angry and in complete denial, and the only question I asked was “Why?” So I started by thanking God for what he has thrown my way and, Hamdullah, it will keep getting better. I have faith now.

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Aquarius magazine

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