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Life Challenge Week 4: Accalia Hipwood

As the fourth week begins, Accalia believes her life coach is the key to success

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2 Apr 2012 | 11:30 am
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    Accalia feels re-programmed as the Challenge continues.

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Week four, day two

Two words

Nearly half way through the challenge and so much good has happened. So much positive change. Yet two words have been dominating my world over the last week as the appointment gets ever closer: colonic hydrotherapy. That’s all I can really bring myself to say about it. More to come :0/ 

Week four day, three

No limits

Of all the different aspects of my learning in this challenge, the life coaching has been crucial for the change that I am currently experiencing. I believe my life coach is the key to my success and the rest will follow. All my mentors have been a huge catalyst and vital in my metamorphosis. However, the life coaching has been so momentous, so life-changing that I feel different to the core. Re-programmed. You need to get your 'head' right first. My confidence and self awareness have grown immeasurably. I am focused. I now know what I want out of my life and have the self belief to make it happen. This is huge for me. 

One of the essential & fundamental things that you undergo in life coaching is eradicating what are called limiting beliefs. We all have them and allow them to sabotage our lives daily. They can stop us doing stuff that deep down we know we really want to do. A life without them would mean honestly believing you could do anything you set your mind to, within physical limitations of course. Now how would that affect the quality of your life? Yes please, I want some of that! 

It turns out that many beliefs that I had considered as my ‘truths’ were actually lies. Yes, I had been lying to myself. One of the reasons I was lying to myself was to avoid facing up to my fears, caused by my limiting beliefs. Once Shana had cleverly exposed one limiting belief, they all then started to pour forth like the opening of Pandora’s box. Each one reinforcing the other, making it even stronger. What vexed me, was that I knew on a conscious level that there was nothing to fear. So what was the reason for those beliefs and emotions? Shana set to work. We came to the disturbing conclusion (to me anyway) it was because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Wow, a hard one swallow, because I now realised that for as long as I could remember, I had always held the belief that that was fact. It's amazing that I've achieved half the things I have with a mind set like that. Who needs enemies? 

I am happy to report that through clever techniques of which I shall not go in to (you simply have to try it), Shana has helped me banish these beliefs. On that note, I will leave you with the words of Eleanor Roosevelt who once said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Week four, day seven

Donning new gloves

Had an awesome training session with my fitness trainer Joe this week. It's always so hard to muster up the energy to go after a 04:30am start and a day at the office. It takes a Herculean effort to resist my bed, put on the gym kit, drive and then go and exercise. But once I’m there, I can honestly say that I enjoy every minute of it. In spite of the fact that 95 per cent of it usually involves me sweating profusely and grimacing with pain, which is never a pretty picture. Joe is great with the encouragement, which feeds my ego nicely. Easily flattered, me.


Also on a good note, the anxiety that would pump through me before walking in to the gym, is no more. It's not that I have changed physically, although that’s my plan of course, but mentally I have changed. I now have my bigger picture clearly in focus. I've been mulling over this fitness challenge and have come to realise how two months is nothing. Although I can say – and by no means exaggerate – when I boast to others that I am a changed person, this is only the beginning. I am doing things I thought I'd never do and have been re-acquainted with forgotten loves. Small things, like buying fresh flowers for my apartment. Just because I love fresh flowers. I've been listening to my old vinyl, grooving to funk or chilling to jazz. Then there's the bigger stuff like increased confidence and tackling things head on, that in the past I would avoid. Something new for me is boxing. Joe introduced me to it in my last training session. Just one month ago there was no way I would be donning boxing gloves. “It's a good cardiac workout and it's good for stress,” he proclaimed. That’s all it took. I was sold. When hubster that night asked me what I'd been up to in this week’s session, I think he wished he hadn't asked.


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