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Life Challenge Week 4: Noha El Shazly

Noha cooks for herself for the first time during week 4 of the Challenge

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1 Apr 2012 | 12:05 pm
  • Meal

    Noha's first attempt at cooking by and for herself was a massive success.

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  • Mother's Day

    A message for Mother's Day from Noha.

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Week three, day one

Hunger games

I can’t begin to explain how hungry I feel the entire time now! Seriously, it’s like two hours after I eat my stomach is screaming for food. I know that this is a good sign that my metabolism is starting to kick in, but do I really need it to kick in that much?!

Having said that, I don’t really mind eating more as long as I’m active, which brings me to my next revelation: this time last year my weight was 46 kilos. I’m not really a tall girl (164cm) but, still, with my height, I looked like a living skeleton. I probably felt like one too… just hollow.

So, the fact that I’m eating my three-meals-a-day with two snacks and that I’m actually preparing food for myself is simply awesome. Not only that, but I appreciate my body more than I ever did before.

I know my mum is very happy that I’m simply eating regularly and especially that I’m cooking!

To all the beautiful mamas and especially to my role model who is the kindest, smartest and, strongest woman in my life... my Mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

Week three, day three

A good day

Long, busy, good day at work. My plan was to workout later before catching up with some friends but, now I’m home I’m too tired to think about any of that. So I decided to take the day off and just be at home. This time not because I was down, but because I wanted to and I felt my body needed the rest.

I like how active I’m now, but add work and personal stuff, be it having a manicure, catching up with a friend or simply finding time to write my blog, and it can get a bit overwhelming. But I can’t deny that I’m loving every second of it. 

Week three, day four

The Day

Today was “THEEE DAY”! Three ‘first time’ experiences:

  • The day I got hypnotised
  • The day I had my first colonic hydrotherapy.
  • The day I cooked a meal for me and myself only

Let me tell you a bit about each of them: 

My session with Patricia was just as productive and fabulous as the previous ones. What I knew (mostly from the movies) about hypnosis is that once you are hypnotised you are no longer in control of yourself. But what I learnt through Patricia was that, even though that your consciousness has given in already, your unconsciousness is the one in control – which means you are still in control and you won’t do something you wouldn’t normally do in your waking state. And, gee, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can’t really describe the whole thing, but what I can say is that, at the start, I heard, understood (and still remember) Patricia’s words. Shortly after, I started to feel kind of foggy and was able to hear and somehow understand her, but couldn’t make sense of the words anymore (I still have no idea what she actually said!) and then I remember vividly when she started counting for me to come back to being alert, and I was! 

The entire time I was hypnotised, I was fully aware of what Patricia was saying in a very deep, out-of-this-world kinda way. I can’t quite explain it, but it is a memory that I’ll carry with me. 

What I loved most about my hypnosis was that I got to experience the mystery of my unconsciousness; he and I will be working together a lot more from now on! 

Afterwards, I went to meet Kay Vosloo (who by the way, has the most perfect skin I’ve ever seen, mashAllah!) at the Chiropractic Health & Physiotherapy Center in Jumeirah Beach Road. I have been brushing off the idea of my treatment with Kay since I got the appointment. I’ll spare you all the unnecessary details and let’s just say that, even though it was uncomfortable and not a thing to talk about during a dinner date, I did love the benefits of it. For someone like me, who has suffered in the past with poor eating habits and then digestive problems, I found the treatment to be highly beneficial to me and I felt great after. I still have another one to go. One thing for sure, and I told Kay already, she will be seeing again every couple of months or so. 

Now the most exciting part of my day: I cooked alone and for myself.

I have been preparing food and cooking for the past couple of weeks, but for the cooking part, I always had a friend with me encouraging me and cooking (doing most of the work usually!). Today I did it all by myself and I LOVED IT! I might need to look more into the portion sizes and try not to burn my salmon next time but I will get there!

All in all I feel great today – inside and out. Very grateful and thankful.

Week four, day five

A quote

I will sum up the day in one quote: “Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.” Neil Gaiman 

Week four, day seven

Fit and healthy

I started kicking my fitness routine up a notch. Vanessa (my PT and the Fitness Manger at Fitness First Abu Dhabi) is simply awesome. She pushes all the right buttons to get me moving and I L.O.V.E it. She promised me that if I’m good for the next two weeks, with no more chocolates, and if there is improvements when I get my muscle mass checked in, in two weeks, she’s going to give me a KitKat Chunky! Who knows, I might not even feel like chocolate anymore once I see the change before my eyes (inshAllah!). But if I do have it, I’m willing to deal with the consequences as you have to satisfy your cravings every now and then! 

As for Sarah Queen (my nutritionist) she made me very happy today with her comments on my food diary, and her most important comment for me, which was to make sure I have enough carbs before and after my workout to replace the energy lost. I’m progressing and I love how toned I’m starting to feel. 

Aquarius magazine

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  • Mero Abuzeid, Cairo, Egypt

    I keep tearing up every time I read your lines, is that because I am so proud of you OR that you inspire me myself in a way that I wish to jump off my entire actual world and go through your own. Wow wow wow I am really crying and can imagine every single woman who come to know about you or not will spontaneously do the same, you have this sparkle which reflects on everyone around you again and again and endless again, you made me so proud so blessed as I never was before, like I don't have to look for my own success anymore cause I am so full of yours. That's it, can't tell you more.