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Life Challenge Week 5: Karin Londt

Life Challenger Karin works on her workouts and grabs a pizza the action this week

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8 Apr 2012 | 01:18 pm
  • Pizza Express

    Karin attended the opening of Pizza Express at the new Fujairah City Center.

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  • Home workout

    Karin's home workout kit.

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Week 5, day 1


Despite all my best intentions, my friends’ rah-rah cheerleading, and my newfound confidence in ME, I still haven’t seen the inside of the gym at Fitness First, Safeer Mall. Lemme explain: it’s two hour’s drive from Fujairah to Sharjah, and I don’t have the willpower to do THAT drive every day. So what’s a girl to do? Work out at home, that’s what! So off I go to the stores and I bag a yoga mat, yoga video, dumbbells, stability ball and a stretchy thing I don’t quite know what to do with. I go through all my old Aquarius magazines and tear out all the exercises that promise a “anything-better-than-what-I’m-stuck-with” body, and stick them on the wall in my exercise corner of the living room. So far, so good. I’ve also been searching for exercise videos online and found a particularly good one here. The upshot of all of this is that I have a sustainable workout routine that I can continue long after the Life Challenge ends and a visible reminder of the need to exercise everyday right in my own living room. How’s that for D.I.Y.? 

Today I went to see Carolyn. We went over all the NLP tools I’ve learned to use since starting the Life Challenge. I must say I feel very different. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I feel as if I might be on the precipice of something. What exactly I cannot say, but there’s a feeling of anticipation and, for the first time in weeks, I feel relaxed and clearheaded. I still have the “Other Shoe” syndrome as I can’t believe that I can be this lucky! But according to Carolyn, that’s okay too. It’s knowing what to do when the other shoe falls that’s key. 

I’ve also had my second colonic with Kay and, unlike the first, I left feeling rejuvenated and exceptionally clean. I was a bit anxious since I had hubby and offspring in there with me. It was totally worth it though. Seeing the color change from healthy to sickly green when Kay showed him the speculum was priceless! My energy levels are unprecedented – I cleaned house until 3am the next morning!

Week 5, day 2

Party time!

I cannot believe the hubby and I drove to Dubai airport to pick up relatives, rushed back to Fujairah to install them at our apartment, then head back to Dubai for the Life Challenger’s night out. I believe some people do that every day! All I can say is I have a new appreciation for a/c and reclining seats! 

After arriving at fellow Life Challenger Paola’s house (she put us up for the night), gilding the lily (totally necessary!) and slipping on my new dress we were off to the Media One Hotel where Sally and her team showed us the best time ever. 

I laughed so much I thought I would pull a facial muscle. The food was so good, but on many of our DO NOT EAT lists – we swore each other to secrecy. Our nutritionists would be aghast (Whoops, sorry girls!). We shared, commiserated and in equal parts bragged and cried about our individual successes and failures. One thing that stood out for me that night is that these women were all fabulous! I have a new respect for all the things that make us unique, strong and wickedly funny!

Week 5, day 3

Undercover blogger

Louisa had asked me if I would like to attend the opening ceremony of the Pizza Express at the new Fujairah City Center. Being a lover of all things Italian, I leapt at the chance. Pizzas are usually hugely unhealthy with enough cheese and white dough to sink the Titanic a second time. But I do love it. At the opening I schmoozed with the owners, the guys-in-suits and the cognoscenti of the Pizza Express world. The pizzas were to die for - they even have a 500 calorie pizza (the Leggera) for us health-conscious folk. All their pizzas are thin-based which, I was told, are better for you than the “thick based, cheese filled crusts” offered by other pizza joints. 

One thing that stood out for me while chatting to the owners and their family members, was the absolute passion they had for what they did, and the pride they showed in their achievements. Which led me to think about when the last time was that I celebrated my own successes. I moan about the smallest failures yet I never celebrate when things go great. I also realised that without a genuine passion for what you do, it’s just another job. I have been searching the net, asking friends and generally networking, but have yet to achieve results. Perhaps I’ve been doing it backwards. Perhaps I should find my passion first, follow it and (hopefully!) the career of my dreams will follow.

Aquarius magazine

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