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Life Challenge Week 5: Paola Pani

Paola enjoys the Challengers night out and some tasty Tiramisu in Week 5

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8 Apr 2012 | 02:10 pm
  • Paola Pani

    The brand new Miss Paola Pani (right) – looking a million dollars at Media One Hotel's Ladies' Night


Week 5, day 5

Half way point

Half way thru the challenge and I can’t believe that only a month ago I truly thought my life was over. I still feel deeply sad for that person – buried under her own skin, always trying too hard, thinking that she would never do anything positive with her life. So precious, so sweet, frail and insecure. 

The weekend went really well, the Earth Hour party in our garden was really nice and I was relaxed from the preparation all the way through the evening. I got some compliments too on how the food was so healthy – obviously they were not referring to the billion calories’ Tiramisu, but then again I have to believe in the changes I am making and Tiramisu still plays an essential role in my life – a role which I believe doesn’t need to be changed (we’ll see what Christina will have to say about that!). In short, it was a really relaxing night under candlelight, with nice food; a true night to honour the Earth and the people in my life. 

I feel my challenge is starting now. I have couple of tools and I have to build my new life day by day. A new solid roof, through Shana’s teachings, a strong foundation under my skin by nourishing my body with healthy food choices and colonic hydrotherapy, and strong walls to protect me by building muscles. I will redecorate my space with more happy thoughts and positive changes and experiences that will build amazing memories for the future. I’m slowly designing the life I want to live; it is going to be a long project – maybe it will never end – but I’m the engineer this time and I won’ t let anybody else change the master drawings. I am in charge for once. 

Week 5, day 7

Night out

What a fantastic, inspirational, amazing, funny night out at Media One Hotel I had yesterday. Yes, I’m talking about the Ladies’ Night Out organised by Aquarius for the Life Challengers. Was I nervous? No! Was I feeling uncomfortable? No! Did I think for a second that my opinion didn’t count? No! Did I feel less clever than everybody else? No!!! Then I’m going to tell you how I felt: amazing, inspired, happy, lucky, funny, at ease, beautiful – what a changed girl! I’m so excited and proud, and the girls are all looking amazing and you can clearly notice the changes in each one of them... Over a couple of mojitos and a delicious dinner, we all gave each other compliments, shared tips and talked freely and openly about our progress, and it felt so good to pay it forward... 

I got some compliments too about my look, which they say seamed effortless, and I think it’s funny because what they didn’t know is that it took me three changes of trousers, two different pair of shoes, various necklaces before I decided to go for a plain shirt and a pleated skirt and – in a last act of desperation – I put on a belt as a necklace because I didn’t know what to do with it but I so badly wanted to wear it without looking dressy. Well apparently it worked and I felt good! All this happened in the space of ten minutes in the style and tempo similar to one of Stan & Ollie’s comedy movies. 

So I woke up very optimistic this morning, full of ideas and with lots of energy. I’m starting to sing in the car again, which looks crazy from another driver’s point of view, but is a very positive sign for me. So, while singing the tunes played on my favourite radio station, I drove to the gym and had a fantastic workout with Charles, my personal trainer. He’s teaching me the art of boxing, which it quite tough as it requires lots of techniques, commitment and mental strength which Charles is helping me to build up. Boxing also works all areas of my body, gives me confidence and I’m learning how to be a tiger rather than a sheep! Thanks Charles, you rock!!!! 

This afternoon I went to Christina’s again for a quick follow-up on my nutrition. I had doubts during the week about my choices of breakfast and that I might have indulged a little too much going out and with the Tiramisu, but (again to my surprise) my results were fantastic. I have progressed and put on 800 grams of muscle!! I still have long way to go on building up my foundations, but Christina is very encouraging and she gave me a couple more options for breakfast and I left full of positive thoughts and enthusiasm, promising myself that I will definitely keep going driving forward. Yippee! 

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