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Life Challenge Week 6: Bhawna Verma

Bhawna embarks on her Personal Breakthrough Journey at the start of the sixth week

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22 Apr 2012 | 01:40 pm
  • Unlike traditional gym settings, the work out sessions are held under open skies

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Week 6, day 1

Personal breakthrough

I felt so proud when my life coach told me I was ready for a Personal Breakthrough Journey. It meant she saw hope in me that my brain could be rewired for achieving the things I have always wanted, but never dared to do. The first step in this process was spring cleaning! Carolyn made it clear that it’s natural to feel negative emotions from time to time but that it harms the body when we store them inside. Instead, these emotions can actually serve us if we experience them completely, learn the lessons they are here to convey and then move on. Most of us get stuck in the first stage – at least I was. Carolyn worked on the five major emotions – anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. I slipped into a hypnotic state with Carolyn’s gentle voice acting as a navigator and together we had the journey of a lifetime. I mean literally. I hovered above my timeline and made the first stop at places where I had experienced these emotions for the very first time. Some happened when I was a toddler, some when I was still in the womb and some in previous lifetimes. What was common among each of these events was that I didn’t have to drown in the pain all over again. Instead, I just hovered above them and absorbed the learnings they offered and instantly the pain would vanish. The experience was so real; and the learnings so profound that I knew it was not coming from my conscious mind. For once, it was not the boss, I was! And I hope it stays this way. 

Week 6, day 3

Fitness for life

The heat is turning on! After all the detoxification I have been dealing with, I feel more energized with each passing day. I guess it must have showed, which made Vicky (my personal trainer at Fitness First) decide that I needed to sweat a little more. Today, she increased the sets, increased the weights and decreased the rest periods in between. Sounds painful, no? It was, but she has a magical way of making me push my limits and feel great at the same time. To make sure that I am still alive after endless sets of leg presses and squats, she asks me to sip some water. If I can still lift up the water bottle, she knows it’s time to bring in the barbell! 

I have an active lifestyle, which mother of two wouldn’t?! I wake up at an insane hour, get my daughter ready for school, pack her lunch, see her off by 6am, prepare breakfast for hubby, see him off by 7am, drag my son out of the bed, have breakfast and drop him off to playschool, finish my home chores and pick him up at 2pm. And the day starts all over again when children are back from school! No respite till I hit the bed at night. Still, I was adding fat at all the wrong places. Now I am more toned after joining Fitness First and have realised that organised exercise makes a lot of difference in the upkeep of a healthy body, even if you already have an active lifestyle. I have successfully incorporated it in to my daily routine and hope that it stays with me forever.

Week 6, day 4

Love the tummy

Today I learnt about the small intestines’ relation to the heart. Whenever we feel angry, or hurt, the first organ to get hit is the small intestine as it gets congested. Our digestion usually gets messed up if we are facing mental stress. A highly sensitive bunch of organs, I would say. There is an excellent way to relax the abdomen if you happen to fall in this category – it’s called a Manual Abdominal Treatment. Lily (nutritionist and MAT therapist at Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre) performed an incredibly relaxing tummy massage for me today and pinpointed the areas where I was holding some tension had any inflammation. She was able to relieve this tension with the help of rhythmic strokes and a combination of high and low pressure touches. It also helps in lymphatic drainage and better breathing. A few basic strokes can be regularly performed at home. Why not send some love back into your body?


Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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