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Life Challenge Week 6: Karin Londt

Karin realises a major dream by getting to grips with starting her own business

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22 Apr 2012 | 02:10 pm
  • Steak

    Karin enjoys a steak dinner at the start of the sixth week.

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Week six, day one

Feeding frenzy!

“Someone feed me!” It seems like all I was doing today was eating. I’ve stepped up the exercise regime (I’ve even found myself a personal trainer in Fujairah!) to three times a week and the intensity is telling. Shaking limbs, aching muscles and screaming lungs are all par for the course right now. What I didn’t know was that I would eat like a horse too! I’m trying to keep it healthy by planning meals but this has caught me unawares. Dried fruit and apples can only take me so far, so I have succumbed to a lovely rump steak (courtesy of hubby’s mad BBQ-ing skills), with all the trimmings – mashed potato, caramelized onion, and steamed veggies on the side. 

The downside (literally, teehee) to colonics became very clear to me today. Before colonic hydrotherapy I was a very irregular kind of girl (get it?) Now, I am like a kid all over again. If I have to go, I have to GO! Up to twice a day! Nevermind that you’re on a long empty stretch of road where the only toilets are the hole-in-the-ground variety with serious hygiene issues.

Nevermind if you’re stuck in the worst traffic jam this side of Sheikh Zayed road. Go you must – or feel terrible (think bloating, headaches, tummy cramps) for denying it. So I have become a fan of Dettol hygienic wipes and hand sanitizers, all in my quest for a perfectly healthy gut. 

I’ve had an epiphany of some kind today. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow as it is the end of my medical leave/spring break. I have decided that I would rather eat my own head. I have had always wanted to start my own business, but fear stopped me. So I shot off an email to Carolyn. If anyone knew what I should do it was her. She’s the original “been there, done that, got the T-shirt!” poster girl for career makeovers. Read her story here: 

Week six, day two

Dare to dream

Once I got the idea of starting my own business, it was like I was possessed! Within hours I had an idea of how to start a business here, how to write a draft proposal to so-called ‘angel investors’ and how to design a logo. I’d found a free business website and discovered how to get a trade license in the UAE. I contacted some people I had met in my time with my present employer and found them very helpful and eager to assist. I am busy hacking away at my business plan (terminally boring, but apparently necessary), and preparing for my first investor meeting this week. All in one day! 

I also met with Carolyn today. She was a veritable font of good advice on the how-to’s on all of this. She also gave me a huge piece of poster board and told me to create a vision/dream board. The aim of this was to clarify my dream/vision – not only to myself, but also to hubby – who had gone postal at my whole “I’m starting my own business” speech. It is almost done and I must say having the vision board helps. And hubby’s almost, but not quite, on board. 

Aquarius magazine

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