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Life Challenge Week 7: Bhawna Verma

Bhawna overcomes a major fear of water at the start of the seventh week

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22 Apr 2012 | 02:00 pm
  • Bhawna

    Bhawna has signed up for swimming lessons.

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Week seven, day three

Overcoming fears

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a fear of water. Not that I avoid looking at the sea, or a swimming pool, but it’s another matter to step inside. As much as I would like my dreams to be dancing in exotic locations, such as in Bollywood movies, they are generally about drowning, not dancing. 

Tackling my fear of water during one of my sessions with life coach Carolyn, I accessed my unconscious mind and went back to the first time that I encountered this fear. I saw a little girl peering over a deep, dark well in a slightly rustic setting and feeling very scared that she might fall in and die. That little girl was me. As we probed deeper, I found out that I was clutching on to this fear of water because I wanted to stay safe and preserve my life. So, the intention behind my fear was in fact love for myself. As Carolyn guided me to see this fear from various angles, I found that I could express love for myself by letting go of the fear and stepping outside the safety of my self-made boundaries. 

Carolyn helped me look for learnings from this event in childhood and the following revelations poured forth: I was safe and protected at all times by a higher power; I would never be given situations that I am not strong enough to handle; and I should trust the process of life, and discover my potential; and, finally, that I am strong. 

Once I pocketed these learnings, I did not feel the same overwhelming emotion that I used to feel every time I stepped into the pool. In fact, as I looked into my future, I saw myself learning how to swim. I did not let this positive sign go unchecked and signed up for swimming classes as soon as I returned home. Today was my first swimming session and it went delightfully well. 

Week seven, day four

Viva Mayr treat

I had a surprise in store when I visited the Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre this morning. Lily, my nutritionist at DHTC, informed me that Dr Christine Stossier from the Viva Mayr clinic, in Austria, was visiting them and Lily had arranged for a consultation for me. Being aware of their unique method to identify food intolerance and deficiency in bodies, I was naturally excited to try it out. Although I was already on a gluten-free dairy-free diet (and it did make me feel healthier), I didn’t know for sure if I was intolerant to any of these foods as I had not done any actual blood tests. Now I had the chance to find out. 

Dr. Christine confirmed some basic questions about my health and digestion and then moved on with the check-up. She used applied kinesiology to check if my body responded favourably or not. Basically, she put a specimen from different food families on my tongue, held me by the ankle and asked me to push my leg against her hand. If whatever was on my tongue did not suit my body, there was no strength to push, and if it suited me, my muscles remained strong. 

One might say that it’s quite a subjective test, and that the results can be influenced by the patient. But I for one think that it provides an accurate diagnosis. First, I did not know what powder she was sprinkling on my tongue ­– whether it was wheat, spices, rice etc. Second, she made me place my hands on some points on my body (regulation points) and checked my strength response. Again, I had no idea what these points corresponded to, so I could not have willingly influenced the results.

I was happy to know that I was not allergic to gluten. But my body indicated that I was intolerant to lactose (cow’s milk, cheese), corn and fructose (natural sugar found in fruits and juices). Additionally, my leg strength dipped when I was checked for adrenals, thyroid and ovaries indicating less than optimal energy levels in the body. She was also able to track a mineral deficiency. The seat of our food intolerances is in the intestines and I tested positive for Candida – a condition where the friendly bacteria in the gut is overpowered by the bad bacteria. The solution is in the Candida diet (no sugar, no yeast, and no fruits) for a minimum of 30 days. Accompanied by a pro-biotic and an anti-fungi supplement, the body recovers and you can reintroduce all food items gradually.

Well, now that I am eating healthier, I might as well go the whole way and try the new diet too! Dr. Christine left me with a parting comment – “Chew each bite 40 times to ensure good digestion.” 

Week seven, day six

A breath of fresh air

Now that I have finished spring-cleaning under the guidance of my life coach, it was time to decorate and let some fresh air in. I was asked to look into each area of my life and give it a score out of 10 – career; finances; fun and recreation; physical environment (meaning home); personal growth; health; family and friends; and relationship with spouse. Next, I was to write down my desired score for each of them. For example, if I rated myself three in career but I wanted to see it rise to a six. 

During this exercise, I needed to stop thinking about the things that were stopping me from achieving my goals – we worked on that by erasing some of my limiting beliefs, which told me that I can’t balance work with family life, and that I am not good enough. I also had to start doing some new things, which would take me closer to my goal, and continue doing whatever I was already doing to pave the way to the goal. 

As I set this intention of exploring avenues where I can turn my skills into work, a miracle happened. I love writing and wanted to polish my skills in order to write professionally. Recently, I won an online writing workshop from Megha Bajaj who is the founder of Wonder of Words. I wanted to take this workshop for a long time. Luckily, I seized an opportunity and sent in an entry, which won the first prize from my favorite author. So excited to commence this course in May!

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