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Life Challenge Week 8: Karin Londt

Karin reflects on 50 days of particpating in the Life Challenge

Aquarius magazine
24 Apr 2012 | 10:30 am
  • Karin says she has met some amazing people through the Life Challenge.

    Source:Stefan Lindeque/ANM

Week eight, day four

Return to Me

It’s been 50 days since starting the Life Challenge. Fifty days of pain, tears, breakthroughs, realisations and joy. At the end of it all, I wonder how I’ll feel. I know I’m already dreading the last day. I know I’ll miss chatting to y’all. I know that I’ve made the most amazing journey of my whole life. And the destination was the place I had once known well – the place where I felt most fulfilled. The place where I am now.

Years ago, as a student at college, I was probably the happiest. With time, things changed; I changed. I became the person who wrote that letter to the Aquarius team. Every step of this journey has taken me back to the person I was then and helped me to bring her forward to my now.

Perhaps part of the dread is tied up with how close all of us have become. I would truly say that I’ve made some life-long friends. I have met amazing people who will inspire me every time I think of them and, I suspect, shake up my equilibrium every time I speak to them. Just what I need if you ask me! All I keep thinking is that I hope the next group of Challengers get as much out of it, if not more, than we all have.

Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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