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Life Challenge Week 9: Inga Stevens

Inga gets back to writing, runs another race and finds out how much weight she's lost

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1 May 2012 | 09:15 am
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    Inga after the Desert Run 10k.

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    "Happy to say I have lost nine of these," says Inga.

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Week 9, day 1 

Scribbles and Spider Diagrams 

Today was the day I finally put pen to paper for the first time since my decision to go full steam ahead with my book project. And it feels good! By no means can it be called creative writing or even coherent, but it is a start and that is all that matters. 

The piece of paper in front of me looks more like an art project than a work of literature judging by the spider diagram, speech bubbles and scribbles that fill the A3 size paper. It’s as if all my ideas have come tumbling out of my brain all at once and have landed in front of me with a splat. I am going to go and make myself a cup of tea and come back to it in a few minutes…hopefully my scribbles will still make sense by the time I get back. 

Week 9, day 2 


Uh-oh! I think the word ‘over-indulging’ springs to mind when I think about the way my head was feeling this morning. In my defense; it was a Thursday night, I had a crazy week at work, I hadn’t seen my friends for months and those cocktails were just literally calling out my name! I got totally over-excited telling everyone about everything I have experienced in the last few months, the fact that I had finally started writing, and decided that a few too many cheers’ were in order. 

Now there were two possible outcomes from my little indulgence last night: either I could dust off the take-away menus and order myself a deliciously tempting Chicken Tikka Masala from the friendly neighbourhood curry house, or more sensibly, I could haul myself to Spinney’s to create a healthy yet satisfying dinner menu. One requires next to no effort, the other actually requires getting out of my PJ’s. 

Contrary to my previous few failures to say ‘no’ to a calorie-packed meal, this time I found that I couldn’t bear the thought of lining my stomach with all the unnecessary carbs, fats, sugars and salts. Literally the thought of it made me feel worse than I already did which was a hard task in itself. Not only would the portion be about three times the recommended size but Kay and Lily’s voices would come back to haunt me saying things like ‘Think how long that will linger in your small intestine?’ and ‘How do you think your body will function without all the essential minerals it so desperately needs?. 

As I now sit at the dinner table with a home-made beetroot and mince burger, sweet potato wedges and a roast pumpkin and pine nut salad in front of me, I finally feel like I have made it. This was the ultimate test of willpower for me and if I managed to make the right choices despite a very fuzzy head, I must be onto something pretty special. 

Week 9, day 3  

Race Day 

It’s only 8am on a Saturday morning and I am already beat. It was race day today. Crawling into bed is just about the most strenuous thing I will allow myself to do for the rest of the day. 

From a 5am wake-up to an 8am finish, I am proud to report that I made it to the finish line. I ran the full 10km at the Dubai Desert Road Run and finished with a time of 1 hour 12 minutes. Five minutes faster than my previous time at the Race for Hunger. 

I wasn’t the fastest but I wasn’t the last either, which, admittedly was one of my biggest fears. The sweat and tears was certainly worth it but for now I am going to sign off as I am simply too tired to type. Adios from the road runner… 

Week 9, day 5 

Body stock-take 

It now seems fitting that my final Body Calculation Analysis was on the last day of the Life Challenge; a perfect way to take stock of how this experience has changed me from the inside out. 

The statistics indicate that I have lost 4.5kg in fat since the start of the Challenge eight weeks ago. My muscle mass score shows I have put on one 1kg in muscle; my body fat percentage is down by 4% and my BMI score is down by a full point. Scary to think that 4.5kg is the equivalent of NINE packets of butter - Yuck! 

While I am immensely proud of all the lost kilos, grams and percentages, there are two BCA indicators that really round off what this Life Challenge has been all about for me. The first is that my fitness levels are up considerably from the start of the Challenge. Being fit was a big part of my personal goal for this challenge and I feel like I have stuck to this promise to myself! 

The second, most significant BCA indicator is the Health Diagnosis. Eight weeks ago the BCA put me in the ‘risk’ category in terms of my life pattern; something that really shocked me at the time. After today’s BCA I am chuffed to bits to see that I am now in the ‘normal’ category when it comes to my health and lifestyle. It’s amazing to see how some simple day-to-day lifestyle changes really can make such a difference in to your overall health. 

To top off today’s good news, my personal trainer Ahmed just got in touch to say that he is back in town and he still owes me 10 PT sessions which means that I can keep up-to-speed with my training. My final weight loss and fitness goal is for June 17th when I take off home for my annual leave so this gives me a great boost to reach my goal!

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