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Five ways to use LinkedIn to boost your career

Darain Faraz, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at LinkedIn, gives us his expert advice on how to use the platform to get noticed and climb that career ladder

By Rachael Bruford
21 May 2015 | 05:47 pm
  • Use LinkedIn to boost your career.


Keep your profile up to date

LinkedIn is about making connections as well as finding a job. Even if you are not actively job hunting, always ensure that your profile includes your most recent position and newly acquired skills. With more than 15 million members across the Middle East, and over 350 million globally, you never know who might stumble across your profile or what opportunities you could be offered. Moreover, studies have shown that adding your two most recent positions and listing your skills can get your profile seen twelve or thirteen times more than without this latest information. 

Get mobile

Whilst we may be constantly on our phones looking at Instagram and updating Facebook, it’s a good idea to install the LinkedIn mobile app to keep track of recent job postings. Moreover, being able to access LinkedIn whilst on the move might actually work to your advantage; studies show that 30 per cent of all applications are submitted within the first three days of a job being advertised, and a candidate who has applied within those first three days is 13 per cent more likely to land the role.

Choose your profile picture wisely

Studies have shown that including a good profile picture can increase your number of profile views fourteen-fold. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform, and your picture needs to reflect that, and possibly the industry that you are in. Your usual Facebook profile picture may not be appropriate. Bear in mind that this could be the first impression that potential employers get of you.

Include your accomplishments and interests

Your profile needs to stand out, so it’s always a good idea to list any awards you have won and interests outside of work. Potential employers will want to know the breadth of your experience as well as your employment history. You could even use your account to help mentor students or find skilled volunteer work for causes that you care about.

Become a premium subscriber

A premium job-seeker subscription can give you twice the number of listings in search results and, more importantly, highlight your application as a ‘Featured Applicant’. Premium members also gain access to tools such as Applicant Insights, where one can compare how their application performs against others using a percentile ranking system. These and other insights can help candidates understand their position in the job market, modify their profiles to include relevant information, and go after opportunities accordingly.



By Rachael Bruford

By Rachael Bruford