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Want to find a job back home?

Top tips from the recruitment specialists on preparing to find a new role outside of the UAE

Tabitha Barda
1 Nov 2015 | 12:00 am
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“Start reconnecting with everyone you know back home and connecting with people here who have a strong network in that country. Many people find the easiest way to secure a job back home is through existing contacts and new connections.” – Dubai-based career coach Zeta Yarwood

“My advice is research, research, research! Make sure there are opportunities in the industry you’re looking to re-enter in your home country and be flexible on the time and process that could be involved to get back. Network with recruiters locally who might have clients internationally, or speak to existing employers in case a relocation to your home country is possible.” – David Wilkins, managing director, Dubai-based recruitment consultancy Talentry

“When writing your cover letters or CV I would point out the ability you have to adapt to a different culture and working environment and highlight how this is a benefit. As a UK-based recruitment firm, we know that the UAE is not always an easy option. Often working hours can be long and the demands for performance can be high. Use these skills and experience to your advantage.” – Simon Churan, managing director of UK-based IT recruitment firm Certes

“Bear in mind that companies will be more likely to interview you if you are ‘on the ground’, or at least will be within a couple of weeks. Also, contact the company directly. Job portals often have filters that will filter out anyone not currently based in the home country – meaning their CV will never reach the recruiter. Bypass this by connecting with the company directly.” – Dubai-based career coach Zeta Yarwood

Tabitha Barda

By Tabitha Barda

Deputy Editor