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5 minutes with Barry Ennis

We caught up with the LA yoga expert for a bit of zen wisdom

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10 Feb 2015 | 03:00 pm
  • Barry Ennis.


Who can yoga benefit and why?

Absolutely everyone can benefit from yoga! I find people come to yoga looking for one thing – more flexibility, a more toned body – and then stay for completely different reasons such as the challenge and the mental aspect. I’ve trained everyone from brawny professional athletes to 80-year-olds.

What’s so important about arm balance?

After you get to a certain point with yoga, you start looking for new challenges to stretch your limits and reach a higher threshold of what you can do with your body. Arm balances are not easy to learn on your own, and sometimes the guidance of others – a teacher to help guide you into the proper position – can make the difference.

Why is breathing so important in yoga and how can it make a difference to our lives?

Breathing is important for two reasons; it helps fuel your body with oxygen when moving through a challenging yoga flow, and it keeps your body

energised. Since yoga is more than a physical practice, breathing helps us learn important principles about letting go of stress and just living in the ‘now’, which will help us even out of the yoga studio in our everyday lives.

What’s inversion? How can it help us?

Think handstands and standing on your head. Like arm balances, inversions are something more experienced yogis aspire to in order to continually challenge themselves. Inversions can also have incredible health benefits on the body. A lot of helpful body fluids and cells collect in the legs and feet due to gravity and cannot circulate like blood because they don’t have a pump like the heart to make it happen. When you invert yourself, these fluids and cells flow back into the core of the body and bathe the internal organs.

What can we expect at the yoga workshops?

Expect to be thinking differently about your life moving into 2015. You’ll learn resources that you’ll need in order to enact change and meet the goals that you’ve set for yourself this year. You will be challenged, yet it’s always outside our comfort zone that we transform ourselves.

Staff Report

Staff Report