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5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

1 Oct 2014 | 03:56 pm
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Sick of Subway?

If you struggle to find healthy, convenient lunch options, make like the Aquarius team and arrange a regular visit from Picnic Basket. This fab team of foodies is dedicated to keeping desk-bound workers stocked with yummy nutritious lunch options. Schedule a time, and they’ll turn up every day with wholesome sandwiches, fresh tasty salads, home-cooked muffins and more. And at very reasonable prices – expect to pay just about Dh20-Dh30.


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Run, baby, run

Make the most of the lovely weather and take your running outdoors. If you need motivation, sign up to the Nike+ Run Club, which meets three times per week (find them on Facebook – NikeRunningMiddleEast). Alternatively, sign up to for details of upcoming events, such as the Newton Running 10-Mile Race on October 31.



Dance yourself slim

If the gym is your idea of torture, but you love to get your groove on, James and Alex Dance Studios, located in Media City, offers a wide range of dance classes, including zumba, ballet, hip hop and belly dancing. The dynamic duo have recently added ballroom dancing and burlesque to their offerings. Multiple classes every day, running from 5pm to 10pm; prices start at Dh55 for a 60-minute class (discounts on packages). They also have a wide range of kids’ classes, including Musical Theatre sessions by Hayley’s Comet. So your little ones can be entertained while you boogie your belly away! Visit

Lose weight in your sleep?

we’re loving the sound of the latest diet craze, which says that if you eat well, exercise a bit and sleep lots, you’ll lose weight quicker than you can say metabolism. sold!

Tal tries... Eco Yoga Sanctuary

What is it? Eco Yoga Sanctuary is the first sustainable ladies-only yoga studio in the Middle East. Offering a range of classes for all levels, the studio features heat panels that produce a gentle heat during class to facilitate students in lengthening their muscles without the discomfort of ‘hot’ yoga. 

Tal’s take on it: As soon as I walked in, my mind felt clear and my body felt calm. The beginner level class began with a light stretch to ‘wake up’ the muscles and quieten the mind. I could feel the release of tension and tuned in to the connection between my mind and body. We did a series of short sets that focused on strength and balance. Push-ups were integrated with a downward dog pose, which kept my heart rate up (meaning I was burning calories). Poses like warrior, plank and cobra followed, helping strengthen my core and boosting flexibility. The class ended with breathing exercises and meditation. If you want to improve body strength and mental wellbeing, EYS is the place for you. 

Need to know: Prices start at Dh90 for one class. Discounts on packages. Visit for more.


By Taleen

Taleen is a personal trainer and general health enthusiast. Follow her on Facebook (taleenfitness) for tips on training, toning, nutrition and burning fat.