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5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

Louisa Wilkins
11 Nov 2014 | 12:50 pm
  • Exercise your way to a healthy life.


No excuse for mums

The popular BuggEFit is back for the cool weather season with four sessions every week in different parks around Dubai, offering mums the chance to tone up and slim down without having to worry about childcare. Dh60 per session, or Dh300 for six sessions. For details, visit 

Fighting fat?

In the battle against weight, there’s a new unexpected opponent – your marriage. While the weight-gain effects of depression have been reported on widely, according to a study from Ohio State University, when depression is coupled with heated arguments between married couples, the link to weight gain is even stronger. In fact, it could lead to you putting on up to 5.5 kilos per year. Jan Kiecolt-Glaser, lead author of the study, explained that because of this, arguing with your spouse could put you at higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, too. He says, “These findings point to how important it is to treat mood disorders. Interventions for mental health clearly could benefit physical health as well.”

Healthy delivery?

We rejoiced at the discovery of Skinny Genie – a food delivery service offering healthy, low-cal, low-fat, low-sugar, gluten-free options – approx Dh35 for lunch. For details, visit

Fitness day out!

47 per cent of us exercise over twice a week, 16 per cent don’t exercise at all. Find out what activities you like at Abu Dhabi Alive this month… three days of health, fitness and nutrition. visit

Tal tries... Bounce Fit

What is it? Bounce Fit is a 45-minute high-intensity, low-impact exercise at the popular indoor trampoline park, Bounce. It is designed to get your heart pumping and muscles toned. Experts say that 10 minutes on a trampoline is the equivalent of 33 minutes of jogging.

Tal’s take on it: Tired of tedious cardio on a treadmill? This might be the workout for you. Although the smile I walked in with never left my face, Bounce Fit was one of the most challenging workouts I’ve tried. After a warm-up, we jumped from one trampoline to another.

I could feel the same burn in my lower body that I get when sprinting. Next we did jumps, double jumps, high knees and other core-activating movements. Not only did this keep my heart rate up, but it was easy on my joints and muscles. This was followed by push-ups, planks and core abdominal work on the trampolines. If you are looking to mix things up with intense cardio and extreme fun then join the free-jumping revolution!

Need to know: Classes run on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am and 9am. Dh120 per class. Call 04 321 1400.

Louisa Wilkins

By Louisa Wilkins