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Healthy body

5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

Louisa Wilkins
8 Dec 2014 | 12:01 pm
  • Pret To Go.


Easy wins

New DIFC-based lunch option Pret To Go offers a wide range of delicious healthy menu options for takeaway and for delivery. Don’t miss the Mexican and Arabic wraps and the yummy quinoa risotto with wild mushroom. Also, to cater to that post-lunch pick-me-up, Port To Go offers a ‘happy hour’ discount of 50 per cent off from 4pm to 5pm. We love! For details, call 800-PRET or visit

Run Dubai with Nike

Nike is holding a 10km run on December 19. Register online and use its running app Nike+ to help you get ready for the big day. Registration costs Dh100. Find out more on Facebook: Nike - we run dxb.

Sport stylin’!


ZJet shoes, Dh625, Reebok.

The weather is perfect for outdoor action, so get on the move with these ZJet running shoes. Also, offers next-day-delivery and has lots of fab fitness wear.

This month, find time to...

Do the Beat Diabetes Walkathon on December 12 at Zabeel Park, area A, gate 3. Gates open at 7am. Walk starts at 8am. Dh20 per person – funds donated to Al Jalila Foundation for diabetes research.

Check out The Farmer’s Garden – a new store opening this month at Al Wasl Square, offering fresh gourmet produce. Visit

Break a sweat on a Friday morning with Gulf for Good’s free training sessions... starting on December 5 with cycling at Al Qudra and following with three Fridays of beach hikes. For details, visit

Tal tries... twerking

What is it? A cardio-based dance class incorporating twerking at Milan Pole Dance Studios.

Tal’s take on it: Thanks to Miley Cyrus, whose notorious twerking routine at the 2013 MTV music awards officially put this dance move on the map, we all know what twerking is. However, we may not realise what a challenging workout it is. Well ladies… this class proves it!

The dimly lit studio provides the ideal ambience for a sexy workout. Our instructor Shay began with a warm-up to get our hips loose and our heart rates up. Then, through various hip-thrusting motions and low dips to the floor, I could feel my core muscles activating and my lower body working.

Following the warm-up, we were given a step-by-step choreographed routine to Wiggle by Jason Derulo. Not only was I feeling sexier than ever, I was working major muscle groups like my quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and lower back and it definitely had me sweating. It was amazing how quickly the hour went by. If you’re sick of the gym, but want to stay in shape, try twerking!

Need to know: Dh130, visit

Louisa Wilkins

By Louisa Wilkins