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5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

Louisa Wilkins
20 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Running is a great way to work off the kilos.


Quick fix

If you’ve only got your lunch break to work out, try the new Speed-Fit gym at The One by Omniyat in Business Bay. Specialising in workouts you can do in just 15 minutes, SpeedFit offers electromyostimulation therapy (EMS) enabling you to get optimum results with only two workouts a week. Trainers at the gym will put together a programme tailored to your needs.

Expert gear

Running is a great way to work off the kilos and you’ll find advice and expertise at the Healthy Running workshop being held on February 20-21 at InnerFight in Al Quoz. Running expert Ian Adamson – holder of three Guinness World Records – will be on hand to cover everything running-related, from footwear and posture to gait, movement patterns, biomechanics and more. For further details call Sport In Life on 04 289 6001.

Say no to spanx!

Reliant on hold-it-all-in shapewear for that slim outline? The ladies at Pure Fitness have launched a new six-week outdoor boot camp to get you out of your Spanx and back into your skinny jeans. The Spanx Off Sweat Camps feature cardio, conditioning and core work using just park equipment and body weight for resistance. Classes are on Tuesdays and you can choose from 6.30am at Palm Park, The Palm or 8.30am at Barsha Park. The next six-week course starts late February and you can either pay as you go at Dh60 per session or pay upfront online at Dh300 for the course. Check out the website on for more details and to sign up.

Hold the carbs!

Love sushi but trying to cut carbs? try the new zero-rice sushi rolls at chez sushi. with tasty ingredients including crab, salmon, avocado and cucumber, they won’t strain the scales!

Tal tries… Mojo Pilates

What is it? Mojo Pilates is a combination of traditional Pilates and dynamic strength training on the Allegro 2, the hottest new reformer to hit the market.

Tal’s take on it: I didn’t even have to wait until the end of class to feel the burn! My legs were shaking throughout the workout as I could feel every muscle fibre in my body firming. The workout involved a light to moderate warm-up before we focused on each muscle group in turn, using the reformer machines, and then we cooled down with a stretch. One of the great things about Mojo Pilates is that it allows you to go at your own pace, according to your fitness and personal comfort zone, simply by adjusting the various levels of spring resistance on the reformers. With hot radio hits playing, unique fusion integrated routines and an emphasis on a holistic inspired mind-body connection, Mojo Pilates is a must for everyone of all fitness levels.

Need to know: Dh110 for a single group session, Dh500 for a package of six and Dh450 for a private session. Suite 703, 4 Concord Tower, Media City.

Louisa Wilkins

By Louisa Wilkins