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Healthy body

5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

By Catherine Harper
14 Apr 2015 | 11:04 am
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Healthy snack bars

If you’re prone to reaching for the biscuit tin mid-afternoon, try swapping your chocolate-chip cookie for one of the new Nom bars exclusively available at Organic Foods and Café. Packed full of superfoods with no refined sugars or additives, they’ll give you the boost you need without sabotaging your healthy eating plans.

Workout wear

Make exercise a part of your outfit with the latest summer range from Fitflop, designed to tone leg and bum muscles as you walk. Available at major sports and footwear retailers across the UAE.


Sandal, Dh385, Fitflop.

early bird

Early birds

Struggling to fit in a workout and still get to your desk on time, or up with the birds and want to make the most of it? There’s now a full schedule of early morning classes – starting from as early as 6.30am – at Physique57. Expect a 57-minute full-body barre-based group exercise class that promises to sculpt arms, legs, bum and core through intervals of cardio training, strength and recovery, as well as building lean muscle. A New York favourite since 2006, the workout is described as suitable for all fitness levels, whether you haven’t seen the inside of a gym for months or you’re on first-name terms with all the trainers.


Sneaky sugars

Think all fruit is diet-friendly? Think again. According to non-profit, if you’re trying to shed pounds you should avoid high-sugar fruit such as mangoes and choose low-calorie, low-sugar ones such as berries instead.

Tal tries... Pure Fitness Sweatcamp

What is it? The Pure Fitness Spanx-off Sweatcamp is an outdoor full-body workout focusing on cardio, conditioning and core using body weight and equipment available in the parks.

Tal’s take on it: The workout began with a quick jog along the running track at The Palm Jumeirah Park. Then we were straight into some Tabata-style leg work, with rep after rep of forward, side and back lunges on each side. My quads were already starting to feel the burn! Next up was a circuit focusing on the chest, making use of kettlebells, dumbbells, bands and a TRX, followed by another jog and lunge reps again. The second circuit moved on to arms and core, with push-ups and tricep dips, interspersed with yet more Tabata leg reps. By this time my quads were screaming and the sweat was really starting to flow! The class was rounded off with floor-based ab exercises, which put my obliques to the test. Aimed at women of all fitness levels, this is a good workout in the beautiful outdoors! 

Details: Dh60 per class, Dh300 for five weeks, 6.30am, Tuesdays at Palm Jumeirah Park. Visit

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper