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Healthy body

5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

By Catherine Harper
22 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Eat right.


Eat for exercise

Make sure you’re filling your body with the right fuel for your workouts with Dubai-based healthy eating provider Right Bite. Its FuelUp programme – with carefully balanced proteins and carbohydrates – is designed for those with specific body goals such as reducing fat and/or building muscle while ensuring they’re getting the right nutrients to support their exercise regime. And, to add a little motivation over the hot summer months, they’re offering a generous 15 per cent off all packages for customers providing a valid membership from any gym or fitness centre in the UAE. Simply quote the promo code RBFUEL763.

Stay hydrated

Are you mistaking hunger for thirst? If you often find yourself reaching for a snack, try a drink of water first. And if water bores you, check out the new range of own-brand infused waters from Dubai’s grab-and-go eatery Prêt To Go. Choose from a variety of flavours, all with associated health benefits such as improved digestion, boosted immune system and lifted mood. Available from Prêt To Go branches in DIFC and Jafza.

Expert gear

Funk up your workout with the latest offers from Adidas. Rita Ora’s new White Smoke and Dragon collections are available at leading sports stores now.

Rita Ora’s collection

Tank, Dh175 and shorts, Dh300

Grab this deal!

State-of-the-art fitness centre elevation fitness in business bay is offering six months free when you buy a six-month membership, as well as a host of free goodies. can’t say fairer than that! 04 369 9940

Tal tries... Bodytree Body Bootcamp

What is it? Bodytree Body Bootcamp is a one-hour high-intensity packed class that blends dance, Pilates and strength training. Combining low- and high-intensity intervals, this workout keeps your heart rate up while toning every inch of your body.

Tal’s take on it: We began with a dynamic warm-up, then the first part of the circuit was a great arm routine that had a kick-boxing feel to it. My heart rate was up and pumping immediately while my arms were feeling the burn! We then switched to legs and I quickly understood why this is called bootcamp! Following this was a ‘recovery’, which still had our bodies moving but allowed us to switch to a lower intensity, forcing the heart rate to come down. Then we combined mat Pilates using leg weights – ideal for sculpting and tightening glutes and thighs – and ended with a choreographed dance routine, which I loved. This is definitely a class to try and stick with; not only is it effective but these fast-paced, high-energy routines are a blast!

Need to know: Mondays and Wednesdays at 8.45am, Dh90 per session. Visit

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper